RC Church - We're not to be held accountable for paedo priests!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BrandySoured, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. The title was me practising as a tabloid headliner.

    However, at the High Court a significant case is in session. Is the RC Church liable for damages?

    If it hadn't been for the News of the Screws' problems I think this would be very much higher in the news items order of battle.

    Court to decide Catholic church liability for priest abuse | World news | The Guardian
  2. Every sexually abused person by a priest should be allowed to take the Roman Catholic Church to the cleaners and then go after the individual priest for a personal claim aswell. The squirming out of responsibility that is being practised by their lawyers in the court should be thrown out for contempt. Acknowledgment of the church's failure to redress the wrongdoing of the perverts that lurked within and monetary compensation should be forthcoming pronto.
  3. Bugger!!!!
  4. Ian Paisley I presume?

    Must be rag time but can I suggest in a more reasonable manner that if the church authorities are proven to be complicit or accessories to abuse, then fine and dandy. However individuals do crimes and they are the ones who get punished in the real world. corporate responsibility for crimes is limited by legislation to those things which reasonably corporate bodies can be expected to control - like H&S.

    There are always those who want to call out the RC church because they were frightened by a chasuble at an early age or somebody stopped them marching down their traditional route...but luckily the legal process tends to disregard bigotry as a prima facie case for initiating actions.

    You silly little girl.
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  5. A lot of personal assumptions there which I won't bother to comment on.

    The church was complicit in that they were aware of their priests' indiscretions (I'm being polite here) and did nothing hoping the problem would disappear. I think it makes them liable. Priests are the Roman Catholic Church's representatives and hold a distinct position of trust, faith, responsibility which was not uppermost in their minds when they 'abused' people in their care or their parishioners. I believe the apology that was finally given by the Pope was long overdue and that recompense to the abused for the church's failings should be forthcoming in a court of law.
  6. Is that 'bugger' you agree with me or 'bugger' you don't?

    I speak my mind ... just like you!
  7. Bit ratty lately dear, HRT time?
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  8. Do reasonable corporate bodies cover up offences of their employees? Do reasonable corporate bodies move the guilty around the organisation effectively hiding them from the law? Do reasonable corporate bodies move money around their franchises and declare bankruptcy before court awards against them?

    Remove the words RC Church and insert News Corporation?
  9. The Hermanns here set up a central fund recently for the compensation of victims of abuse in Church and Council run institutions. The money was split three ways:

    1. One third from the Churches - RC and Calvinist. (The catholic Church didn't want to fork out and resisted bitterly. They offered free resdiential councelling and trick cyclery given by church staff, in Catholic institutions instead. Strangely there were very few takers amongst the mass of arse kicked in victims. Reality check required or what?)

    2. One Third from local government sources.

    3. One third from federal funds.

    Now they presented this to the public which is still skull****ed from losing too many wars, with a huge fanfare, and as a such a wonderful thing. The Germans as usual just shrugged and carried on normal moaning.

    My problem with this is with serials 2 and 3, thats me that is, no matter how they seek to disguise it, its tax money taken out of my sky rocket and without me ever being asked (Democracy nein danke).
    Now I've never fiddled kiddies in my life and although I appreciate that being banged *********** by a long sucession of viscious old perverts in black frocks may have loosened a few screws, I object to paying for the damage done.

    The perverts should pay, their supervisors should pay, their institutions should pay. Leave me out of it.

    The Roman Catholic Church thinks it is above the law. It has to be brought down to it's knees and have pineapples banged up it's arse........
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  10. The catholic church still thinks its above the law. Having witnessed the grip it has on some sections of the public in the West of Scotland its office bearers can still behave pretty much as they please.
    When my child was at school she was told by both teachers and fellow pupils that she could not question the priest: to quote 'they were above the queen'.
    There are none so blind as cannot see..................
  11. Don't worry it is all ok, they said 10 Hail Mary's before breakfast so there is no case to answer.
  12. Or Anglican Church, or MoD, or ADF, or any other organisation which can afford to stonewall its victims' lawsuits until they run out of money or die (preferably as quietly as possible)
  13. The problem is its not one Priest and its not even in one country and their is plenty of evidence of what the rc churchs response to claims of abuse were.
    I'm sure their was one member of the SS who obeyed the rules of law its just most people have a rather jaundiced view of said ORG even if they did have rather ally uniforms
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    Didn't realise that you had one.
  15. Really? Let's not get you started on blacks or the dreadful disabled oiks!