Discussion in 'REME' started by delberto, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else had a tits full of legislation tests ? It wouldn't be such a pain if the funding was there to install an RBT machine at every location required to carry out this chore but there's not one where I am and its a poxy pain getting it done using CRB or borrowing other units facilities.
    If you take your own motor to kwik-fits and have the brake pads changed do they then put it on an RBT machine, is there a legal requirement for them to do so ? is there fukc.
    Do civvie hauliers RBT there wagons twice a year ? No

    The common sense answer would be to carry out the legislation tests annually as part of the MEI and an additional RBT if the hydraulic system is broken into for a repair or OX8 change on a service.
    NOT as it is at the moment where an RBT is supposed to be carried out at every inspection :roll: and if a component ( brake pedal pad ? ) in the braking system is changed.

    I ******* despair, give us the kit or get off our case....... :evil:
  2. I suspect that your local SOI's dictated by your Unit NOT general policy are making you carry out RBTs every inspection. I've never heard of this before. Certainly the Unit i'm at now only carry out RBTs during MEI and if the brake system is broken into, we were recently externelly inspected and i'm sure that if a new piece of legislation was in force then it would have been highlighted.

    If you check with your ASM or AQMS im sure they will explain their reasoning behind constant RBTs. :D
  3. How many inspections are you doing Delberto?

    Randy Rovers only 1 insp per year (MEI)

    4t etc 1xMEI and 1xMSI at six month interval.

    Any other insp ie Unit can be done inbetween, for instance monthly. An RBT does not have to be done monthly and is a waste of time, effort and money.

    Exceptions include, disposal, receipt and ECI which do require smoke test and RBT.

    As mentioned, your Q or ASM should be the POC for any changes to SI's.
    Hope this helps.

  4. thanks for replies i'll give you a bit more info.
    aesp 2300-a-050-013, chap 4 page 1 para 2
    2:1 after each minor and major scheduled maintanance
    2:5 in conjunction with scheduled safety inspections

    and if you escape that

    90/110 601's table 7 serials 67 & 71
    67. strip and examine rear brake drums ( all services )
    71. carry out RBT ( all services )

    i know i'm including servicing and user inspections here but it adds to the workload.

    some of my wagons clock up more miles on the rolling road than they do on the real road :lol: