RBS Royalties Gold account

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by heidtheba, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Right, just been on the phone for the past 4 hours with the RBS.

    Basically within the account, I get free worldwide travel insurance.

    Now, here inlies the problem. As I currently don't reside permenantly in UK, (And haven't for the last 5 years) due to postings, this 'service' which I pay for I may add has been null and void.

    I only found this out as I double checked today as I am about to go on holiday next week.

    After trying to explain that I live on Soverign Base Land (BFC), I basically got fobbed off.

    One rant later, and telling them that other high street banks afford this to serving personnel, I now have had a phone call from my branch saying that I can cancel this account, however as I have a substancial loan with them my 'preferential' rates would then revert back to the normal ones.

    My question is this: Anyone else had this problem?

    And can anyone tell me a bank that would let me transfer a large loan across?

    Sorry for the rank but severly pi**ed off at the mo.
  2. I have come across this with a number of guys - the NatWest Gold account is another one with the same issue.

    From what I know it's unlikely any of the other banks policies will be much different.

    A better option may be to buy an annual travel policy instead. If you take a look at the SIIAP website you will get a list of companies offering this who are all specialists in dealing with the forces - so wherever you are posted your policy will work for you.


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  3. Hardly surprising as RBS (spits) owns Nat West...

    I also had distinct difficulties getting a long-term policy with one of the MoD recommended insurers on the basis that I wanted the policy to start when I was out of the contry.
  4. You don't get "free" anything. You pay for it somewhere along the line. Switch to the standard Interest paying Current account and buy your own travel insurance and what have you.