RBS Nationalisation to end Channel Islands Tax Haven status

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. a seemingly informed comment in the papers is worth reading

    Will Cyclops not only use his new power and opportunity to end those pesky offshore tax havens but also use the crisis to ‘rationalise’ the status of the channel Islands, with a wink from Brussels, the Nonce Island (Jersey) scandal providing extra cover?

  2. Yes I would agree with your point of view.
    Brit Governments and I would suspect Nue Labour do find the UK's Offshore Tax havens embarrassing.
    I moved my cash from Jersey early last month, to where I live. I got just short of 67 Baht to the pound, as of Friday Pound was down to 56.
    Mind you there is talk of devaluation to get Baht up to 39-40 to Yankee $.
  3. Yes Jon, I suspect its only a matter of time before Broon launches a major attack on the CI, if he has not already started.
  4. The CI have already caved in to EU and UK pressure over most banking conditions - e.g. withholding deemed income tax on interest, and passing account details to HMRC. Already you have to provide an increasing pile of evidence that you are a non-EU resident and thus not liable for tax.
  5. People will just move their cash further afield. Wherever you choose to stash it, your cash is never more than a web site away.

    Globalisation cannot be stopped. The days when UK governments could help themselves to most of their citizens' income are coming to an end.
  6. I can't believe blue_sophist hasn't been in here rending his(tax free) shirt. :D