RBLI - LifeWorks Journey Week 2012 - A Daily Video Journey 13-17th Feb


This week (13-17[SUP]th [/SUP]Feb) Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is raising awareness of LifeWork Journey Week. This awareness week aims to highlight examples of the journey to employment followed by some members of the Armed Forces Community and the support available through the RBLI LifeWorks course. RBLI will be releasing daily video journeys from former LifeWorks delegates on www.rbli.co.uk.

In this one off awareness week, each day a video will be uploaded to www.rbli.co.uk. LifeWorks delegates will highlight some of the challenges the transition to civilian life can bring, particularly for those who have incurred injury or ill health.

“LifeWorks Journey Week is about showcasing the support available to service leavers and giving our veterans an opportunity to tell their stories and encourage others to find out more about accessing LifeWorks and transitioning into Civvy Street,” explains Shaun Maloney LifeWorks Employability and Life Skills Coach at RBLI.

RBLI, supported by ABF the soldiers’ charity, developed LifeWorks to address these important issues; Shaun continues, “LifeWorks is about supporting veterans to make appropriate decisions in finding about work and suitable jobs in which they can use their skills. The course boosts confidence and raises awareness of the many transferable skills which are valued outside of the Services. LifeWorks recognises the skills delegates possess and finds the right language to express them. For example general military skills and responsibilities are easily transferrable to many industries including supervisory or management roles, close protection, security, engineering and communications etc.”

Tailored for the individual, LifeWorks is in most cases fully funded regardless of when delegates served or length of service. The course, designed to be easily accessible, can be accessed by phone, or alternatively at RBLI’s excellent residential training facility where delegates will:
  • Identify, recognise and develop transferable skills and experience
  • Build a winning CV reflecting skills and training gained in the Armed Forces
  • Learn how to be successful at interview through real interview experience in a range of industries
  • Maximise employment potential for a successful and sustainable career in Civvy Street
  • Receive ongoing guidance to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead
To see the latest LifeWorks Journey Week videos, visit www.rbli.co.uk or keep up to date via RBLI’s Facebook page; facebook.com/Royalbritishlegionindustries. For more information on RBLI’s LifeWorks courses, call the LifeWorks specialist team free on 0800 319 6844, email lifeworks@rbli.co.uk.

[video=youtube;f0K4UxtuVKo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0K4UxtuVKo&list=PLDAB4778DE6EDD572&index= 1&feature=plpp_video[/video]

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