RBL Walt Gripped.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. When I was in Tesco today, I saw an old buffer collecting for the RBL, and I was instantly suspicious. Firstly, his beret wasn't shaped properly; secondly, the wispy white hair that poked out from the sides of it was far too long. He was wearing velcro-fastening shoes, and when I gripped him for it, he just looked confused, and asked if I was his grandson.

    Furthermore, when challenged he was, very conveniently I don't think, 'unable to remember' what his medals had been awarded for. The MM could easily have come from Ebay, and when I demanded an explanation he just kept repeating "Oh, we gave Jerry what for, good old Monty!" To try and put me off the scent, he started asking a giude dog collecting box if it was his grandson.

    I wasn't having this old walt defiling the memory of our glorious dead, so I quickly put him in a headlock, and marched him to the manager's office. Finding that locked, I contented myself with slapping him around a bit and getting my missus to curl one out on his head.

    Am I great or what?
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  2. Was it Alistair Darling and his new method of raising money for the economy?
  3. Good work, that'll teach the fucker. Might go along to the parade on Sunday to denounce a few, wonder where the batteries for my loud hailer are?
  4. You fucker, some poor war hero loses his mind through an injury during an action that earned him a MM and you treat him like that.

    Ya bugger! (how much was in his collecting pot when you robbed it?)
  5. Thats fucking nails!

    I hope that you confiscated the collecting tin as well he would have just have spent it on his Werthers original habit.
  6. You were lucky he didn't drop you

  7. Alistair Darling? Are we in a time warp? Didn't he stop doing that about 18 months ago?
  8. If your efforts in this matter discourage further Walting from miscreants of his ilk, then well done to you. Your vigilence in this matter does you great credit, so let's hope others take up your fine example, and Half Nelson these deviants... I shall be writing a letter to "Call Me Dave" on your behalf, as i believe your actions deserve a medal. The NDM would seem appropriate, as recognition of your bravery...Well done that man!!!!