RBL - there for Reservists too !

As a reservist, would you ask RBL for help ?

  • Absolutely yes - I would expect every assistance

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  • Gosh, the Royal British Legion helps STAB's ?

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  • The British Legion ? Isn't that to do with WW1 ?

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  • Never heard of it - what's that poppy for ?

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This is taken from ACGS' Newsletter of Feb 2004, UNCLAS ......I have to say, if the RBL has run an awareness campaign about their assistance to Reservists, I must have missed it. FWIW, here y'go:

The superb volunteer service given by both the volunteer reserves and ex-Regular Reserves in Iraq and other theatres like the Balkans and Afghanistan is widely acknowledged and valued. Indeed,
it has been considered vital to the delivery of the UK’s operational effectiveness. Mobilisation has become the norm and the Reserve Forces are now more integrated with the Regular Forces, more
relevant to the current international situation and more capable to meet these new demands. For these reserve personnel, the impact of mobilisation on their families and dependants is as great if
not greater than that of their regular counterparts. Many of their families have little or no knowledge of service life and are often located many miles from reserve centres. The need to improve the welfare of our deployed reserve forces has been identified by many. Because they are
civilians first and service personnel second, it is highly important that their welfare and that of their families and dependants is of the highest order if we wish to call on their time and commitment again.
To this end, the British Legion in concert with the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations is launching an awareness campaign, in support of the Chain of Command, to inform Reservists what the British Legion can do to help them and their families. It represents a small but important
part of the overall welfare package. The Royal British Legion is the UK’s leading Service Charity. It is not just the domain of the Regular Forces – it is an organisation for all serving and ex-Service men and women of the rmed Forces, including the Reserves, who have received 7 days military pay or more and their dependants.
The Legion spends over £50 million every year in its welfare work and typically provides:
• Support for ex-Service people in finding jobs and courses
• Employment for ex-Service people within the Legion and its related companies
• Advice to ex-Service people wanting to start a business
• Residential and nursing care for over 400 people in 7 Legion care homes
• Welfare breaks for over 4,200 people in 3 Legion welfare break centres
• Home and hospital visits for the sick or housebound
• Support for claiming war pensions
• Individual grants for those in need
• A voice for ex-Service people on issues such as Gulf War related Illness

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