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I received the following in an e-mail from the RBL. Arrsers may be interested?

Dear Friend

The Royal British Legion is embarking on an exciting new project and would love you to get involved. We're planning to create a huge photo montage, called 'The People's Poppy', comprised of thousands of photos which represent the different facets of the Legion's work and we want to show how our supporters get involved too!

We're inviting you to send us photos, or any other images, showing us what the poppy means to you. This could be photos of you, your family and/or friends, an event, a place or an object. If the photo contains something red better still! And if your picture has a personal story behind it we'd love to know.

The Legion offers financial, social and emotional support to all members of the ex-Service community, an estimated 10.5 million people. However, although everyone must know at least one person who is eligible for help, very few people are aware of the range of services which the Legion provides.

We're hoping to use your photos to let the general public know about the valuable work that the Legion does. The more images you can send us the better, as we are hoping to receive over 5,000 images - each with its own story to tell.

Please send us your images by 5pm on 10th May. You can email them to red@peoplespoppy.co.uk or upload them via the People's Poppy website www.peoplespoppy.co.uk/Upload. If you don't have access to email, please post them to Helen Marshall, 100 Blurton Road, London E5 0NH.

All images received by post will be returned if you provide a SAE.

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,


Ann-Mari Burt - Public Relations Officer
Corporate Communications Division
The Royal British Legion
48 Pall Mall
London SW1Y 5JY

Tel: 020 7973 7237
Fax: 020 7973 7239
Mobile: 07971 142021
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