Marks and Spencers appear to be having a sale of RBL/Regt style blazers.

Colour; Navy blue,

Patch pocket on left breast for Regt Badge,

Single breasted style,

Two buttons,

Were on sale for £89-00, last week reduced to £49-00, today seen for £25-00 in the Kingston Shopping Centre in Milton Keynes (A421 near to junc 13 M1).

Also double breasted available in the Milton Keynes City Centre store.

Black blazers may be in the sale but I was unable to check due to Mrs DB216LOKDVR frog marching me out of the store, to the words 'Your over spent on your clothing allowance this month'.
Jesus!! Is your missus a SQM or something!!!

£25.00 in a bag and if she complains tell her you just wont buy her any flowers on the next special occasion and that should level it out :)

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