RBL Official Convicted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Civvy_Shot, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. A walt and a thief, utterly shameful :evil:
  2. what kind of person do you have to be to do something like that! Of all the evil and disgusting things to do! Twa t of the highest order!

  3. cut and paste please cannot access BBC
  4. Legion man stole veterans' cash

    A Royal British Legion official has been warned he faces jail if money collected for a trip to Normandy to D-Day veterans is not paid back.
    Gloucester Crown Court heard Edward Portlock of Dickens Close, Gloucester, pocketed £2,228 of cash which was to have paid for a battlefields' tour.
    He also stole and sold six World War II medals, given to him to be re-ribboned.
    Portlock, 72, admitted three charges of theft, four of deception and asked for a further eight to be considered.
    Six more medals were also taken from the Hardwicke branch of the Legion, where he had been elected vice chairman three years earlier.
    Veterans and Legion members, who had packed the public gallery at Gloucester Crown Court on Wednesday, reacted angrily after Judge Martin Picton deferred sentencing.
    Portlock was told he had to pay back the cash he owed in full within the next six months.

    But the judge warned him that if he failed to refund the veterans and write them all a letter of apology he would send him to jail.
    He said: "Your friends placed their trust in you to arrange this important trip and you let them down in this most awful way.
    "It was thoroughly shabby and selfish. To sell an old soldier's war medal in the way you did beggars belief. I find it astonishing behaviour."
    Speaking after the hearing, Tony Smith, the former president of the branch, said Portlock had denied people their last chance of an emotional return to Normandy.
    'All lies'
    "He should've got five years. I so much wanted to visit the battlefields, but I don't think I'll ever get the chance now.
    "He said he was a major in the Welsh Guards and had tea with the Queen Mother, but we've found out it was all lies."
    Portlock, who was convicted of a string of deception charges during the 1960s and 1980s, had come up with a series of excuses when he was asked for the money back, including feigning illness.
    A crowd of around 20 Legion members waited outside court for Portlock to emerge, and greeted him with a chorus of abuse when he finally left the building.
    Portlock will reappear at Gloucester Crown Court on 8 May 2007.
  5. Beat me to it there Goku.

    Possibly the worst kind of walt possible! Makes the others seem harmless
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    They all do it to take something from other people - money or respect. This is particularly awful. He should pay the money back AND get sent to jail. Colchester, perhaps, so he can be rebriefed properly. :twisted:
  7. I bet they did. Would have got more than just abuse from me. Thieving *. :threaten:
  8. Just a thought. There are over 20000 arrsers. The bill is just over £2k, and I assume they will be heading to the beaches in June. That's pennies per member, gentlemen and ladies. Once we have contributed to the RBL Poppy Appeal, how about we have a go at funding this group of old 'n' very fecking bold (but ensure that the criminal tosser stumps up - no easy way out).

    I know I'm a civvy soap dodger but one of the biggest compliments I have ever had was when I was a member of the APA at Netheravon and an Arnhem veteran jumped with my rig without batting an eyelid. To be fair, I didn't mention it was my first RAPS pack until he had come down again (!)

    The calibre of men who went before (and I include 2 grandfathers, 3 great uncles and a sodding lot of greats-in-law who luckily mostly came back) do not deserve the insult. These lads deserve to re-visit the beaches while there is still time, and I'll gladly stand in the background while they do (haven't served so the appreciative background is where I belong).

    Edited to emphasise that I didn't mean stopping supporting the RBL after 11 Nov
  9. I'm in if someone can set it up...
  10. This Canuck will throw in a few pounds for that cause. How do we make this happen, Staff?
  11. What a sad cnut I hope the fukker dies a slow and nasty painfull death. I'll chip a few quid.
  12. Great plan. Let me know how! As for him...words fail me. Any chance of being able to replace the medals as well? I dont know how wed go about it but having known quite a few vets they do mean alot to them. They deserve it after how theyve been treated. All the money in the world wont rid these men of their feelings of betrayal. Sad very sad
  13. One report stated that they had recovered the medals and he had paid £700 back so far with help from his family. :wink:
  14. Thats something but I think he needs more help than his family can provide.