RBL Now Attending More Veterans Suicides Then Funerals Of Those KIA.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. It's very sad, but not surprising. I do wish they'd give up on all this 'forgotten' stuff. The whiney, victim mentality does nothing for our reputation.
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  2. @deltadog

    What a sage reply, there's the voice of compassion, common sense and utter thickness.........victim mentality my arse.
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  3. Are suicide rates for (ex)soldiers significantly higher than those for civilians in the same age brackets?
  4. I'm in two minds about that article. While I agree more could be done to help people struggling with PTSD etc the RBL saying they're attending more suicides than funerals for people killed in Afghanistan is a bit misleading.

    1) Are they at the scene of the suicide or do they mean the funerals for people who committed suicide?
    2) Unless there is a note then how do they know why an ex-soldier has committed suicide? Yes it might be because of his service but it could equally be because he's lost his job or his Mrs has****ed off with the kids and moved in with the milkman. The list is endless.
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  5. A bit old but I found this.

    From : Soldiers leaving army 'three times more likely to commit suicide' | Metro.co.uk

    Here's a link to the study : PLOS Medicine: Suicide after Leaving the UK Armed Forces
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  6. Not only suicide rates [20x more], but a quarter of all homeless people are ex service too. Have a look at 'Ex-MOD forget me not.
  7. How do they get those stats? I heard quite a bit the same about US vets being homeless. I ran into a fair few "homeless" vets in Washington DC, and I was always willing to give a buck to a genuine homeless vet. Upon cross examination however, every bloody one of them turned out to be as genuine a vet as Billy Ray Valentine: I Can See! - Trading Places (1/10) Movie CLIP (1983) HD - YouTube
  8. I have to say these stats could be as poor as the others and I have no doubt there will be a very small number of 'Walters' in there amongst the homeless, [although its hard to imagine pretending to be an ex serviceman is a way to live out a fantasy] maybe the the average is the most accurate number but the the average of 3 and 20 isn't nice either. The real problem is no one in officialdom wants to know how many of us kill themselves after they have been discharged and that is because they know from unofficial research that the figures are massively higher than the MOD would be comfortable with -or the politicians. The other major problem is collecting the information. Vets that drop off the radar into the other world, the world of the homeless, are off the books. Vets that kill themselves who are within 'normal' society may not have the fact that they were a vet on the official statistic and it most probably won't appear as cause of death or even contributory so the office of national stats won't have a column for it on their spreadsheet - but it was a major contributory factor.

    There's no way to point to someone and say 'he'll get PTSD or he won't'. Almost certainly though they have to be exposed to some serious negativity during that service. The neg could be being wounded, being near missed, seeing close friends or just mates wounded, killed, vapourised. Thinking too much about what they do before, during and after they've done it. Feeling they could have done better somehow and endlessly cycling things to find the better way, where non in reality exists.

    That's why it affects such a broad spectrum of people from Mr Ruffy-Tuffy to the medic putting them back together. I would personally believe the higher estimates because they come from service charities that deal with the people the MOD don't want to know anymore.

    I do think that there is a vet PTSD time bomb ticking away out there that officialdom would rather went away, given that more killed themselves after the Falklands war than were lost during it and that was an easy one to justify in the minds of the sailors, soldiers, and airmen, what are the stats going to look like with Iraq and Afghanistan numbers being fed into the system?

    At this moment in time I have a friend of 37 years hitchiking across europe towards Ukraine at the vague prospect of a job teaching English to Ukrainian kids. He apparently heard of this opportunity from someone in the homless shelter he was staying at in Bordeaux. He's been living homeless in France and Belgium for nearly ten years and has been under the French and Belgium mental health treatment system for most of that time and they've been real good. But I worry, I really do. I worry that one last disappointment in a part of the world not renowned for looking after the less fortunate or the mentally unstable, one last disappointment may be the final one. Not to mention that freezing to death on the streets of kiev in winter is a whole hell of a lot easier than Bordeaux.

    Anyway suffice to say unlike the idiot post near the top suggests, most of these people do not see themselves as victims, and many don't see themselves as suffering really. Many will if questioned, see themselves sort of stuck in time, endlessly re-living things after their memories are jogged by some obscure thing or maybe a major media event to remember some stupid-really-just-a-number anniversary.
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  9. Ah the old 1/4 of all homeless are exforces, next you'll be telling us that 1/3 of all prisoners are ex forces and that more people have committed suicide since the Falklands War than were killed in it.

    All stats that are thrown about with gay abandon but without any evidence to back them up other than taking peoples word that they were in the forces.
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  10. And don't forget all the welsh kiddie killers!

    Oh, MOD says he's telling porkies and he's not ex forces
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  11. I've had a look at the ex-mod website. An estimated 80,000 homeless ex servicemen?
  12. The number of Falklands vets that have committed suicide since 82 is close to 3 times the 255 that were killed there. We recently just passed 60 from my Regiment.
  13. Yes, but unless they've left a note then you cannot say that they killed themselves because they served in the Falklands War.

    I was invited to have lunch at Main Building a few years ago with Kevan Jones. He mentioned the stats regarding the number of Falklands veterans who've committed suicide, the number of ex-forces in jail and the number of ex-forces that are homeless.

    I can't remember the exact figures he gave but the actual government figures were much much lower than the figures that normally get published in places like the Daily Mail.
  14. Yes but you get a 7 year warranty with a KIA.
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