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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brummieboy1, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. Went to a blokes funeral recently, he was a member of the RBL but had never served. At his funeral he had the union flag on his coffin, there were three standard bearers, and they held a minutes silence and played the last post.

    When I enquired of the priest who conducted the service, he told me that all RBL members today, regardless of if they are ex-forces or not, they get the full works if the relatives ask for them. He was a very popular bloke, there must have been a couple of hundred people there, but it seems strange to me to mix military and civvy things together at a funeral.

    What think you?
  2. I have a problem with non-forces being allowed to join the RBL,with the exception of wives of former members of the Armed Forces.

    I believe it was brought in because of falling numbers of Ex-Services joining and supporting their local branch/club,and having a gaggle of civvies in the Branch is really going to encourage me to join isn't it,not!

    Civvies just treat it as a drinking club anyway,I can go down my local pub,with no membership fees,and a better class of conversation.
  3. I'd quite like kajagoogoo played at my funeral
  4. I'm having Neil diamond songs at mine, always enjoyed listening to him.
  5. Richard Clayderman would be nice.
  6. Civvies seem to have got themselves all caught up in this 'ceremonial' thing. It's encouraged by shite like one minutes silences when little Johnie gets offed in a traffic accident, etc. I don't think that this is anything new though. It's been going on for decades. Just look at the "we all did our bit in the war" nonsense. No you didn't. Everybody wants recognition for simply being alive during a certain period in time. Bevan Boys, Woman's Land Army, etc. They are all at it. Nation of ******* attention seekers. Branches of the RBL had their backs against the wall as ex servicemen didn't use them, so rather than close down, they opened up to one and all just to keep open. I'm not keen on the idea, but I'm in no position to complain as I don't use RBL clubs (mainly as I don't like the never served shite who frequent them and consider themselves as part of the furniture).
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  7. Have you been dipping the dangerous drugs cabinet or top shelfing?. :)
  8. It's Troppers teachings.
  9. I'd just as soon not die.
  10. Just as their getting ready to shove me in the incinerator.....Johnnie Cash...'Ring of Fire'
  11. I'm not paying life insurance to never have it pay out.
  12. So top yourself before your premiums go up.
  13. I can't do that I'm not letting them off paying my pension.
  14. I call Walt Corps(e)
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  15. isnt that Jarrods life story in one song?
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