RBL Festival of Remembrance 2008


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respect to this lass with the DFC on now.
For those that don't know, it's on now- BBC1 until 2240hrs.

Edited to add- Heidtheba, it's the same here mate
I'm not sure if am I being too sensative its just that just I don't think that Russel Watson singing "Thats life" at the RBL Festival of rememberance was particularly apt, concidering the war widows had just entered the Royal Albert Hall.



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I'm thinking wrong, wrong things after those nurses just marched in...
I notice the Fleet Auxiliary were out of step.
And now the RAF birds. :)
I hope they keep her away from the Chelsea pensioners. No doubt they have been on the port. :)
Could that prick broon seem anymore unimpressed?

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