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For those who only stick to our illustrious Armour board, Right at the top of the Forums, Bad CO has now posted the RBL charity auction thread on the Charities board.
I have donated the Mounted original of 'Rolling Replen' to be auctioned for aforesaid good cause. It depicts a Chieftain fuelling from a HMLC Stalwart. The auction will run from 1st Nov to 11th Nov, the picture would normally sell for £68.00 incl Mount and P&P. If you wanted one of my originals you could get this one for a song and, better still, the monies will go to a good cause. So, please feel free to bid away on the old boy!!!!
To hopefully raise further funds I have 'Volunteered' a second mounted original to the auction. 'The Junction' makes (I think) a nice 2 picture set along with 'Rolling Replen' for Chieftain nuts. BadCO may choose to auction seperately, we'll see anyway.

Oh and don't be put off by the tatty scan of Rolling Replen. There is a much better image on my website!!!

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