rb44! coming soon to a sales lot near you!!!.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sidingknife, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. RB44's are soon to be ''released'' on the unsuspecting public. I can hear the knowing chuckles growing as I type. But all joking aside, this was once a usefull bit of kit before the MOD got hold of it . The 66's and 75's the utility companies bought ( the base model offered to MOD) are still going strong. Most of 'em are rough, but they don't die easy! and their usually battered appearance is a testimony to their endurance at the hands of disgruntled, or ''dissengaged'' employees doing their best to wreck 'em and budget cutting bosses cheapskatin' on maintanance. So!, whatever did MOD do to fek'em'up?. I know there are plenty who will tell of the rb44's faults, but I bet there's also a few that can tell WHY (mechanically), the faults occurred, and I'll bet a few of 'em, could put 'em right as well!. (But the boss would'nt listen, 'eh mate!). So, if you know how you'd put an rb44 right and how they differ from civvy' models I'd love to know (comic answers are always appreciated) 'cause I'm a Dodge fan cautiously anticipatin' a rot free, professionally maintained 4x4 Dodgy Dodge comin' my way!.
  2. Weren't they originally provided with all-round disc brakes but the MOD wanted them changed to drums? That worked well.
  3. They came with brakes?
  4. My favourite features are the drivers' inability to see anything for 6' in front of the vehicle and the 4' of travel in all directions of the gearstick.
  5. Sort of.
  6. I believe you're right my friend, but most of the utility vehicles and loads of old Renault-Dodge 50's had drums'n'shoes and don't dive into no mans land when you brake. I'm not sure the brakes alone are the problem but you can bet if Reynould Boughton presented 'em disk braked it was the best option. I'm suspectin' running gear movement myself. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!.
  7. Makes sense, all ours have been backloaded over the last month or so.
  8. You're right Buryfc, theres been a few regularly for sale at withams but I've shied clear of 'em 'cause of the problems and (I've heard) the swapping of bits prior to release 'cause of parts shortage ( bleedin' cannibals). I'm hoping some of the better stuff comes along now the lot's being flogged . I reckon one or two will have been put right by some unappreciated A mech. as well. I'd like to know how though!.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I am lead to believe the issue is the lack of availability of brake servos, with the one company which used to refurbish them no longer doing so.

    Also be aware that many of these from TA units will have been parked outside, due to a lack of garages, and therefore will be rustier than a rusty thing on a rusty day.

    P.S. And don't get me started on how we are supposed to convert to DAF without any HGV drivers...
  10. Some of the ones we've just got rid of are/were Fully Fit but on the other hand some were right sheds, guess it's going to be a lottery think I'd rather have a Rover. :D
  11. I'ts a case of sourcing from scrappers Jarrod and I do have a mettle cancer victim from the lecce board in my yard looking for a body donor.
  12. I love a challenge Jarrod !, and I want to try and make a silk purse from the armies pigs ear!! :D :D :D
  13. Thats a cracking response msr, what you say about the T.A vehicles is good sense. You're right about parts and luckily I can source a lot from breakers . Which DAF do you refer to (pardon my ignorance) and what payloads left when its downrated to non hgv?.