RB44 --are they really as bad as people say ?

Discussion in 'REME' started by beastof, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. The RB44's seem to have a bad reputation in the forces to say the least.

    Apart from the early veering problem and the transmission swaps -- are they really that bad ?

    Any experiences actually driving them off-road or maintaining them?

    We're considering buying one, upping the tyre/rim size and using it as a no-frills support vehicle in sand. Should we just forget the idea?
  2. That bad :x even worse mate, would not volunteer to drive one on a good road never mind off road, one of the worst vehicles I have ever driven, have at times been given the choice of an RB or take an old bedford the bedford won every time!!!! I have taken them off road now and again but not through choice
  3. Stay well clear, the army bought them as a sweetener, worked on them for 3 years and probably still "A/S"
  4. The w4nker that decided that the army should buy RB44 should have been taken out and shot.
    Vehicle is totally sh1te, it is a bitch to work on (we used to play rock, paper, scissors to see who had the joy of working on them) and feels like you are driving a shopping trolley with a slight margin of control when going cross country.
    Thats just my opinion though, but i would be suprised if there was anyone that had a good word to say about it.
  5. I was told by an instructor in Bordon on my upgrader in '95 that we'd better have a good look at the one they had there as we'd never see one in the field force they were that bad. Since then I've heard nothing but bad things about them, especially the braking system.
  6. Hang on Spanner Spanker, check fire!!! A shopping trolley in fact has a turning circle smaller than the QE2, unlike the RB44, slightly unfair on the trolleys I think :?
  7. LOL Bit of a donkey then?

    Shame, because on paper they sound great - Perkins Phaser, lowish kerb weight, loads of space in the back, Dana axles... etc. And cheap as chips ex-MOD!

    I spoken to a couple of civilian owners who swear by them - maybe that's down to the 'eye of the beholder' syndrom?

    Looked at the Bedfords and Dafs - too big. 110's too small. Pinz - too complicated/expensive...
  8. try a unimog
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I am lead to believe that the last company to make/refurbish the brake servos no longer does so, so as they wear out, you have to start cannibalising.

    Judging by the state of the ones at my TAC, I suspect any ex-MOD ones are going to be rust buckets.

  10. A Mog would do it but:

    low mileage Mog = £16k
    low mileage RB44 =£3-6k
  11. what about 127 Landrover as an alternative to the RB44?
  12. RB44 --are they really as bad as people say ?

    YES they are.
    Hunks of junk, steer clear fella.
  13. Utterly, utterly useless. To bad for even RAF service. I know of a Gunner unit that refused to operate them as they were deemed unsafe.

    Yes, whoever procured them should be shot.
  14. That might explain all the 'parts removed' lots hitting auction now.

    Thanks to everyone for all the input on this, its been hard finding details of what exactly is so wrong with the things.

    A lot of lemons can be transformed by aftermarket fixes or component transplants - I was musing whether this could be done with the RB44. We do extensive work before our trips anyway and the low pricetag leaves space in the budget.

    We normally use a Rover - but need a 2T capacity this time.
  15. Just for fun...

    Could anyone list the faults?