RB44 A good Dodge spoiled?

Sat in my yard is an ex electricity board Reynolds Boughton converted Dodge s75 . Thats the civvy version of the RB44 that was presented to MOD, excepting that Reynolds B. used a s56 (5.6 tonner) as the base vehicle . The dodge in my yard is currently used for extracting timber, no ground conditions have ever stopped it and we've been up too our nuts (wheel) in shiat many times. The pto driven hyd. winch will pull trees so heavy we have to anchor the asse of the vehicle ( we 'av winched ourselves out the mire a time or two to be truthfull, but that was loaded up and greedy with it!). The old bus is hangin' with rot but everything works great. When the vehicle was roadworthy it carried hundreds of tonnes of scrap , 9 times out 10 well overloaded, and travelled 2 or 3 hundred miles a week gathering it. The brakes are still good now, she's never threatened to fall over, and basically, never let us down. My question is, whatever !!!??, did the MOD do to cause all the problems associated with the RB44?. I'm cautiously thinkin' of buyin' an RB44 but if I can't reverse the problems MOD built in by fitting parts of my vehicle, I'ts a non-starter (pardon the pun) . I've posted a similar question in the equipment forum and got a great response, helpfull info.,and had good crack with some real good lads, but I just thought I'd post here and see how the REME have dealt with what they got lumbered with, or if anyone ever managed to put one right .

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