Razor bumps

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by London_native, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. I need some advice about getting rid and controlling razor bumps and what would happen if i cant control it in basic. All advice welcome but especially from black soldiers (im black) thanks in advance.
  2. Exfoliate after you shave, use one of those scrunchy things, that birds use.
  3. loads of stuff about shaving - use the search function you'll find it.
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  5. Nice one guns, that's help get my dad's Christmas present sorted.
  6. Does that really work Dingerr, not being faceious, just wondering if it's that simple I've always had razor rash is all.
  7. My last ship had several black men with razor bumps - in each case they went to a dermatologist and excused shaving. I know this may hack off the more traditional section of the Forces, but there is no reason why this can't be the same for you. Shaving is instituted to ensure personal cleanliness, and infected razor bumps aren't clean; get yourself to a doctor on joining, and get it sorted out.

    I look forward to the responses.....
  8. Thanks alot for the replies guys. Alfred do you think if i went down that road in basic i would be medically discharged?
  9. Use a brush and proper shaving soap.
  10. I can't, and won't, speak for the Army. I can, and will, say that we had serving members in the Royal Navy who were excused shaving, by a dermatologist, because of razor bumps.
  11. An ex used to swear by shaving oil rather than foam, and exfoliation will help.
  12. I have this issue in spades and unfortunately, the only way I have found to control it is to make and keep my face very hot before and during shaving - this extend to what ever foam/oi you use.

    Not a particularly practical suggestion though :(
  13. I work at a Training Regt and we have a lot of recruits that come through with the same problem as yourself. Just go to the Med Cen or tell the MO during your arrival medical d they will give you a chit to excuse you from shaving everyday.
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    I buy all my shaving gear from Robert at the above. since I threw away my mach3 and switched to a safety razor a brush and old school shaving cream I have seen a 99% drop in ingrowing hairs. @ the O.P your basic problem mate is you are shaving the hair on your face at a level below the skin, I have learnt that this is very often caused by multi blade cartridge razors and the rubber/plastic strips on them that are specifically designed to pull the skin taught as you shave. Unfortunately it seems that they are too good at the job and they force the hair to stand very proud on the skin and you end up cutting them at a hight which is normally below skin level and that's where your problem starts.
  15. Seems to, had a black lad a couple of years ago who was chancing his arm. He would get razor bumps then go to the doctor and get a chit. Not much I could do to challenge this as patient confidentiality and all that. I was speaking to the missus about it and she commented that it was a load of bollocks and mentioned the exfoliating. I looked it up, to cover my arse. The lad's chit ran out and he turned up to work, unshaved and was subject to AGAI action yes he did come up with a million and one pte soldier excuses, but I expected this and discussed it with the Adjt. He was sent away with instructions and a list of products to enable him to better administrate himself. He was still AGAId, for the initial offence, but at least after that he behaved better.

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