Razor blades

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by PerArduaProPatria, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Now, someone must have done this before unless it is the Urban Legend I believe it to be.

    Allegedly you can claim back the cost of the razor blades you use throughout the year, although no one can ever be bothered (I assume!)

    If I were to buy 52 razor blades (Gilette Fusion, thanks for asking) so I have one for every week (change regularly) and therefore a years supply, can I present an invoice / receipt and claim it back through the system?

    I suspect that I would be able to claim a percentage of it because there are cheaper razors available, but still claim something.

    Can any RAO's / RAOWOs answer this? Need it straight from the horses mouth. I'll buy them anyway, but just in case!



  2. In a word - -Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or possibly NO!!

  3. Get one of these:


    and one of these:


    and you won't need to buy razor blades ever again. :)

    (You can get sutures free from the Med Centre)
  4. The only thing you can claim back is the tax back on any thing that you use for your work. So save up all those reciepts for boot polish and razor blades for 22 years and I suspect you will get about £50 if your lucky............. so technically a waste of your valuable time and your HR administrators, but my answer would be send your reciepts to the Tax office in cardiff with a covering letter. Good effort but no cigar.
  5. I knew there'd be some beardy folks out there who knew the answer!



  6. Ahhh those halcyon days of sewing razor blades into the back of our lapels made me swoon with nostalgia :)
  7. Gillette Fusion you spend £15-19 on a pack of 8 blades? Thats almost £110 per year.
    You should invest in either a cut throat or one of these

    It uses safety razor blades and costs around £15 per year in razor blade and will last you a life time.

    Using proper shaving soap and a brush is not only better for your skin but also good for the environment and your wallet.
  8. I remember hearing this sort of cr@p when I was in phase 2, and that was a long time ago! Try it! I'd love to be there when the RAOWO laughs you out the office!
  9. Got the very same. Once you get used to the heft, you won't go back to the modern scrapers.
    If you've sensitive skin, use a shaving oil.
  10. I hope they are good LordVonHarley,I have just brought one
  11. I've been using it for two years and still think it's great.
  12. you big nancy stormtrooper. :D
  13. I need to keep my skin in tip top condition for my sexy little Gwar to kiss and caress :D
  14. Is your skin as pale as hers?
  15. if you're gwar bearded like myself then oil doesnt seem to cut it (no pun). Our masculine gwarness means our stubble is like steel and therefore such poncy oils and lotions are no use.