Raynards Disease

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ewan2000, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,

    My better half has been diagnosed with Raynards Disease, apparently something to do with the circulation in her hands.
    She is going for blood tests next week at the hospital because the samples need to be frozen immediately.
    Is there anything out there in the shops that can assist/relieve the pain when the cold hits her.
    We have the usual BIG winter mitts but have also heard of pills called Gynco Bimbola....or something like that can anyone tell me if these are safe?? :?
  2. mwl946

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    Foxy lady is she (as in Reynard the fox)


    info here may be of some help
  3. Raynaud's Disease and ginko biloba

    Make sure she wears gloves and does not put her cold hands under hot water, very painful. Try thermal gloves or self heating inserts in the gloves.

    Hopefully some of the medical bods on here will give you more detailed advice.
  4. It's called Raynaud's Disease and I've had if for years. Nobody knows the cause and there's no cure. For some, reason, the blood vessels in the extremities go into spasm, usually brought on by sudden changes from heat to cold.

    Ginko Biloba is a natural drug I've also used for the past 35 years. It's perfectly safe and effective in most cases. A daily dosage of 600 mg is recommended.

    It's eminently controllable and normally doesn't impinge on everday activities. If you're OH has a bit of a shock at seeing her fingers go a waxy-white colour, tell her to put them in her gob and suck really hard. As stupid as that may sound, it works every time. Alternatively, she should try twirling her arm rapidly in a vertical circle around the shoulder-joint.

    Best of luck.

  5. Thanks guys, very much appreciated ;0)
  6. hi, would Raynaud's Disease stop someone from being eligible to join HM FORCES ?
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Dont know if it would stop someone getting in, but I do know a lad who has it and he didn't get kicked out.
  8. Yes it would prevent someone from joining. For more info look here that thread I'm always linking to and check out leaflet 4, cardiovascular system Peripheral vascular diseases 3.4.8
  9. Developing a condition during service is different to attempting to join with a condition. I knew a lad in the Artillery with Raynards who was simply downgraded to HO.
  10. Hi I have this too. It comes from vibration(chainssaw, jackhammer) over long periods. Hurts like **** but relatively harmless
  11. Vibration White-Finger isn't the same as Raynaud's Disease. Raynaud's is a congenital problem, not an environmental one.
  12. wow you guys answer fast thanks for that .. its my daughter i am asking for shes about ready to leave school and desperately wants to join the army having been in the ACF for 5 yrs. She went to the Drs on friday she has been having some problems with her hands for a few months now and just kept passing it off anyway she finally went to the Drs yesterday and he mentioned raynauds, he didnt treat her with anything and hasnt referred her to anyone, so I will probably take her back and ask for her to be reffered to get a confirmed diagnosis, just don't want her to build her hopes up, thought it would be best to ask. anyway thank you for your time :) will let you know how she gets on.
  13. a few people i know swear by ginko aswell. only just started taking it so i cant comment myself. im also lead to believe cayenne pepper is effective. don't know anyone who's tried it but the more i read about it on the net it seems to be a miracle cure-all herb
  14. My sister-in-law has particularly severe Raynauds and is part of a trial to test a new drug for Raynauds. She has, in the past, used Ginko as well as root ginger to aid circulation. She is a very keen distance runner and finds that helpful although she always wears insulated gloves whilst running. I'll try to get you some definitive material on the trial she is taking part in.
  15. nice one, i'd be interested in hearing about that...also if anyone has found the splendiferous silver sliver socks and/or gloves to be of any great shakes?? or not?