Raymond Baxter dies.

Sqn Ldr at 18........

Anyone who drove a Spitfire in the battle of Britain is worthy of a raised glass.

I always remember him as the voice of the Farnborough air Show as a kid.

RIP mate, go easy


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Sad news but one hell of a life.


Sixtyfootdoll said:
Sad news but one hell of a life.
Absolutely - a Spitfire pilot and MiD twice.

I saw some film of him describing how in 1945 his Sqn flew ground attack against the German V2 sites in Holland. With typical modesty described how he engaged a flak site whilst his wingman had a pop at a V2 that had just past through the centre of his gunsite as it launched!
Alleged PPrune contributor and a great bloke to talk to.

I always remember when the BBC tried to change the commentator for IAT to Chris Serle who soon showed he was a knob around aviation, so they bought back the man who could understand Pilots to commentate on them. I loved watching the way even current FJ mates deferred to him, and he always asked the right questions, to fire up the pilots he interviewed about what they flew, and translate it into exciting 'must do that' for schoolboys of all ages. His deep joy around aviation , and his infectious enthusiasm was wonderful to see.

Though I still remember the Goodies 'string' episode :D

Always remember the story of the attack on the Shell-Mex building in a Spit at FL f**k-all , in which Baxter not only narrowly missed a Chuch spire on the run in , but also , on spotting a V2 in the process of launching decided to brass it up. As he put it "It could have been quite embarrassing for us if I had hit it"

Great late war snippet from the Telegraph


Very saddened by this , but a mark of the style of the man to go out on Battle of Britain day .....
RIP Mr Baxter - nearly caused me to join the RAF.
Remember his commentary on air shows as a child, inspired my love of military aviation.

Also his stint on Tomorrow's World.

RIP Mr. Baxter


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We all go in time, but he was one of the people that brought the fighter plane to the mere masses - and made them understand it!

He will be missed by me and many others.
RIP, one commentator you could listen to and know that he knew his business
DigitalGeek said:
RIP to the man who had me riveted to my telly,
As a side matter, was he ever convicted for this or did his exemplary conduct get him off with a gypsies?
RIP, a great man

although I hated science at school was riveted by Tomorrow's World

what a day to go.........

edited to say obviously wrong choice of verb there!

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