Rayburn settings

Does anyone have any idea of an ideal temperature at which to leave a gas fired Rayburn whilst it's not in use for cooking.

I get the impression that it's more efficient to leave it high rather than heat it up to a couple of hundred degrees from ambient each time you want to cook or pop the kettle on, but where's the optimal point?
I have an oil fired rayburn. There is a valve that regulates the oil going in and on it, there is a little nipple at about 4 o'clock. Just underneath that. A smidgen.

Depends on what fires it I suppose, the quality of the fuel and how regularly you get it serviced. Ours is on in the summer for the hot water and that's it. Different type of food in the winter so it's turned up a bit. We also get a bloke in to clean it once a year.


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