Ray Winston - Country going to the dogs !!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hellweg, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. And he calls himself a hard man....
  2. Wouldnt be linked to this increase of taxes for people like him, would it now.

    (note today is cynical sunday)
  3. Great article. Tells it like it is, and everything he said has been said by someone on ARRSE in one thread or another. I wish him what ever his decision. Good luck!
  4. ‘As a country, our choices are these. W***** number one, Gordon Brown, and w****** number two, David Cameron. No thank you. I won’t be voting for either of them. I don’t vote. It’s my right not to and I won’t vote for anyone I don’t want to vote for.

    If you don't vote, you don't have the right to slag off the people in power.
    And it makes a mockery of those who died to give him the right to vote!
    Get a grip Winstone!!!!!!!!!

  5. France?

    'Que est le fcuking papa' doesn't have the same ring to it.
  6. He's not wrong
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    and when you see how it's being spent? how do you feel then? I've less problem with being taxed when the money is spent well than being taxed for the proceeds to be spunked up the wall by Cyclops & co refurbishing their third and fourth homes from the expensive end of the John Lewis catalogue, and so that some shellsuit clad scumbag gets his rent paid while he's terrifying what remains of the local community. (with almost no comebacks from the police of course, because they're so badly funded & undermanned they havent got a pot to p1ss in and when they do catch the robbing little sh1ts they're virtually guaranteed to get off due to the mockery NuLiarbour have made of the legal system).
    I cant agree more with what Mr. Winstone says.
  8. Surely you missed "It's PC gawn mad"!
  9. Will he be leaving his lovely daughter behind? Points out of 2 I'd give her 1.... and while whispering to her, 'Who's the daddy!' :twisted:
  10. Off to Hollywood, are we, Ray?

    Although I expect I will be able to count him among the literal thousands of expat English in California who decamp immediately for Blighty when, like them, he can't get any more work, gets sick and can no longer afford American health care.
  11. Just highlights the fact that in Britain, Faliure is rewarded and success is punished.

    You pay your taxes, then when you're to old to look after yourself you have to sell all your assets to pay for your care. But had you not bothered, and sponged off the State all your life, then the state pays for everything.

    The kid that comes last at the Swimming Gala gets a standing-ovation, whilst the kid that wins is branded as a spoilt brat.

    That's just two common examples.

    And what's the cause of all this? The Natiional Health Service and the Welfare State
  12. Oh and this suddenly happened overnight did it, so suddenly, Ray decided to up sticks and go. This has been happening for years, but now the screws are turning at 45% tax rate, he decides to go.

    Quite happy living here until then, note take some of them football stars with you and the rest who think being rich is a burden.
  13. Is it not ironic that an actor who has spent his career glamourising criminality, and is a poster boy for the Lad culture is now bemoaning the fact that he no longer likes living in the society he helped to create.

    See ya Raymondo.
  14. My heart pumps purple p*ss for your pain Ray. Don't let the turnstile at Heathrow hit you on the arrse on the way out.

    Now fcuk off and circle jerk with the rest of the "Waaaaaaaaah Britain has gone to the dogs , Manuel where's my Sangria" fair weather patriots.

    Gutless luvvie tw@t.