ray mears

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Yatesy, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. does antbody know if ray mears has a militaty background
  2. no but hes a fat cnut how can you get fat on leaves and ferrets? :shakefist:
  3. Apparently not. His basic knowledge was picked up while running wild as a boy - on the Sussex Downs, IIRC. I was told he's exchanged a lot of knowledge with THEM in recent years.

    Good recent series on ancient foods & food-gathering. Pity the other chap mumbled so much.
  4. Actually he has close connections with certain types that wear a greenish type head dress and are predomiantly based in the West Country.
    Good bloke by the way

    Night Night All
  5. Yeah good prog, liked the bit where he had the gurkhas help him cook using stones in a fire pit. feel hungry now.............
  6. Ray has a carefully cultivated public persona. His survival credo is an almost spiritual amalgum of aboriginal/native wilderness lore and bushcraft.
    He plays down his military background, but Hairyhandbag's right, he's no stranger to a bit of naked roll mat combat.
  7. apparently he was taught by a swedish bloke whose name i cant remember
  8. He's a fat c*nt and he's on telly so there's a 500 to 1 bet against him being straight! If you like watching a fat puff eat maggots, before he slopes off to the five star hotel suite, then thats O.K!

    I'll get me coat!
  9. heard that he also teaches the "hooligans"
  10. Ray Mears should and often does fade into the background.

    Though his prog about the REAL heroes of Telemark was brill.

    And I've never had so much fun since I built my birch bark canoe.
  11. He tried to join the Royal Marines (as an Officer) but failed the eyesight requirments and yes he does, or at least has, taught on the ACSI course.
  12. Much better than the self publicist Gyllis (?).
  13. Well, he's bi- at least having been with Ffyona Campbell, the 'I walked round the world buy my book' then 'Actually, I cheated, buy my new book' woman. I read her book about walking Africa years ago and he figured, joining her in DRC I think.

    As I recall, she dumped him for her support driver later. The ability to rustle up a three-course dinner out of pine needles and dead ants doesn't necessarily seem the way to a girl's heart.

    Thinking about it, Mears is damned both ways: if he was a skeletal, emaciated wraith we'd all be saying, 'Christ, he can't know much about living off the land...'.
  14. My bros gave me one of his books for Christmas - haven't bothered to open it, let alone read it.
  15. Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of fat celebrity poofs Cernunnos? Does Russell Grant predict a tall dark man in Uranus?