Ray Mears???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Skinn_Full, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Afternoon all. Was just watching 'The real heroes of telemark' part of the Ray Mears series. Someone told me a few years ago that Ray had been in the Royal Marines and another mate of mine has just claimed that he is ex S.A.S? He never seems to mention anything about being in the Army and there is nothing on his website. Does anyone have any idea if he is ex-forces??? No real reason other than curiosity. Cheers Easy!
  2. I recentley read Rays book on the same topic, don't think he was ever in the military, although his company he set up has provided training to the armed forces.

    I'm not sure ray mears is the type who would join the armed forces.
  3. I was led to believe that he's never served in the Forces, but that he has been/is an instructor in survival skills to the Forces.
  4. That's what i was led to believe...and if you ever have the talk by "them" you'll see a pic of him teaching "them" survival :wink:
  5. I was less than impressed with him when he did that "Heroes Of Telemark" documentary - got those Bootneck and Noggie Army lads to recreate the trip while he lounged about having a wa-nk in the local hostelries.

    Thought the least he could have done was share the hardships with the lads he got to recreate it.
  6. I like Ray (from what I've seen on TV), but when would someone with the Body Mass Index of a comfort-eating sperm whale ever need survival training?
  7. I heard that he is ex-RM(R).

    Having said that, I've never seen him wearing a basque and stockings in the Kalahari so it's probably duff info.
  8. He wanted to join the marines but something like colour blindness or suchwhat prevented him. I believe he has never served, but has lectured to various military units.
  9. He does have a habit of carrying enormous bulky rucksacks full of "stuff" and then living of frogspan and sleeping in piles of leaf mold, It does make you wonder why he carries the rucksack about the place...haribo, Porn, lighters and fags.
  10. Top Bloke in my eyes, but you'd think someone would watch his sack while away! Theiving BBC cameramen & we pay
    the licence fee!
  11. Top Mears moment was when he took on and beat the Mongolian wrestler in the outer Mongolia episode (Mears has a BB in Judo). Go Ray!
  12. a friend of mine brian desmond,set up and helped ray mears on the heroes of telemark,brian lives in evje norway.
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Well...I read an interview with him ages ago, saying that he had applied to join the Army but was rejected on his poor eyesight. Think he says something about it in one of his books, but I've lent them to a mate (many Christmas pressies! Honest guv'!). So ill look it up when I get them back.

    I've always wondered about that one in England, where he "gets seperated" from help and only has emergency food to survive off. So what does he whip himself up?

    Only a facking kebab!

    I swear he was going to show us the Pitta Bread bush, the exotic spicy sauce herb and a Garlic Mayo vine!

    Top telly though, wish he'd make more stuff rather than lounging about in Wimpeys.
  14. If he failed on eyesight alone,well done to the Optician! Hope he's proud of himself!
    Deluded Tw*t has propably cost the taxpayer a fortune!
    Seen him chopping bark, & still seems all to have all digits attached!
  15. Thats what I read, that he couldn't join for whatever reason (something optical) but now he lectures to people like the RM and THEM.