Ray Mears meets the Master

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. On Ray Mears goes Walkabout tonight (1 June) he meets Les Hiddins who some of the older viewers will remember as 'The Bush Tucker Man'.
    When Mears and Grylls were mere toddlers Les was stomping round the outback befriending Aboriginies and living off the land plus Les was Aussie army who served in Vietnam.
    Go on Les, tell the young upstart how it's done!!

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  2. Ah, the Bush Tucker Man! The thinking survivalist's answer to Chuck Norris! Many a time I've got home after chucking out time and relaxed in front of the telly to this man's wisdom. Late night TV par excellence. :)
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember watching him on Discovery,Maj Les Hiddins was the Aussie Version of Lofty Large was'nt he?
    He was great,sitting down with Abbo's eating Wichitygrubs & all that.
    Looking forward to it!

  4. His Australian accent gives the programme much more realism and authenticity too.. 8) ..I mean who would want any nationality, other than Australian, being called "The Bush Tucker Man?"

    I still don't mind Ray Mears, his programmes are getting a bit repetitive though, so it's Les Hiddins and his battered army truck all the way! :wink:
  5. Anyone remember Albie Mangel (sp.)? He was a "Bush Tucker" type guy who went round with a glamourous assistant called Noelene.
    As a student I shared a house with a load of Kiwis & remember a sequence where Albie's crossed a river & makes Noelene wade it in her bikini. As she's halfway across, he utters the immortal line

    "Jeez, lookit that croc!"

    How we laughed

    Nat Geographic channel's runnung a prog on he NZSAS this week, I can't get it, but it could be good
  6. One episode that stuck in my mind, he was following the route of an ill-starred attempt to find a route cross-country to Darwin (IIRC) during the Victorian era. At one fateful point, the group had the choice between climbing a waterfall on the east or west bank.

    The one bank led to good pastureland, fresh water and a smooth journey in the right direction; the other, to rough terrain, arid desert and a slow lingering death. Guess which they chose?

    Les's comment; "Should ha' gone th' utha way, stupid barstards!"

  7. There is no answer to Chuck Norris.
  8. Just for interest "Bush Tucker Man - 8 Classic Stories" is on DVD (Region 4, though you can purchase DVDUnlocker {google} which makes your DVD player region free) now on sale HERE (presently out of stock at the moment) so I've put it on my wishlist on the site as I enjoyed Les' seriessome years back.

    This can also be purchased from Amazon on VHS.

    BTW JD what time is it on?
  9. Les just loved being up the top end...................

    Great bloke and still THE best TV programme every made.

    Cracking hat too !
  10. Got it! :D
    on Beeb 2 (England, Scotland and NI) (Sky Channels 102, 990 and 992 respectively) at 20:00 hrs

    Beeb2 Wales at 20:45 hrs
  11. Les Hiddins used to have the silliest hat ever seen on a vertical Aussie. I see he's pushed it into a less Himalayan shape now. Here's the bit I like best in his biography:

  12. Liked Les's tale about how many nuts gave you the shits, 'thanks to Lt So and So we know it's 8'!
    Les is still the man!
  13. Good steer JD. I spend a lot of time on here defending the boy Grylls, whereas in truth, Mears and Hiddins are the survival dream team par excellence.
    I'd have given my grandmothers right arm to be the third bushman stooge on that trip.
  14. Here's a good side profile of said hat!!

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