Ray Mears Bushcraft

Watched this prog last night. Got the impression that mears has lost the plot somewhat.
Really roughing it my arse! “This is how the old pioneers did it” was one quote.
Another being “ a steaming dup of cocoa in the morning makes you realise what humanity is all about”
200K a year for whittling sticks with a pen knife is what Mr mears is all about.

Gizza job, I can do that. Ohhh, go on!!! Where are two boy Scouts to rub together when you need them?
It is certainly a different kind of programme. I liked his previous stuff a lot because they had a fair mixture of unusual travelogue stuff and useful stuff about, well, bushcraft. He's gone a bit Attenborough-ish now - not only doesn't he do much outdoor stuff himself, he's a bit superficial about what the people he visits do, too.

But I still find it entertaining, oddly enough. And I suppose you have to accept that he has a career to promote - he's moving away from the survival stuff, which is fascinating but only for a minority, and into human interest stuff. Which any newspaper editor will tell you is what most people want.
Why oh why is he such a fat tw*t, though? He made a quite a good program about the Telemark raid, and in company with a few Booty types, did a static line jump from a Hercy onto the same plateau as used by the commandos in the raid. I swear to God that the Herc lurched upwards by about 100 foot when Ray waddled off the tailgate. :D
Well if pies are to be found growing in the wild, Ray's found 'em and scoffed the lot :lol: :lol:

We're just jealous, he's on to a winner, getting paid well for doing something he obviously loves.
Small world...
talking about fatty Mears witha colleague this morning; turns out that he was flown out of Venezuela with a bad back recently, and made the programme in two parts.

I gather this was not mentioned during the programme.

Top bloke, though: anyone see the one with the Siberians?
Bravo_Bravo said:
Top bloke, though: anyone see the one with the Siberians?
Was that the one about making the boots out of the elk/caribou/reindeer? Living in a yurt(?)
did better than chris ryan
classic watching him nearly peg it from hypothermia :p
I think the chris ryan ones are quite good funny but good.The ones that have just been on sky had even more comedy value ,how to survive a nuke ,how to survive a biological attack,how to get gravy out of a shirt.... etc,blinding t.v. :lol:
Hey I know everyone is slating him, I know he's a civvy and not ex but give the guy a break. Most of the stuff he is on about is sound info and just as valuable as Lofty or for the more senior of us Eddie Mc Gee used to do. Lets not criticise but lets hope that it sees some of the chav wannabee w*nkers get down into their local woods or quarries and do what we used to do as kids. I would rather my lad watch Ray Mears than bloody monsterpokemonshoeboxzoo whatever it is any day.
Remember guys,we may have served,we may be good but somebody can always teach us something we dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No wonder he's on 200k, i've got his book and he suggests that it might be a good idea if you buy the sheath knife that he designed. I had a look on his website out of curiousity and the bloody thing costs £195. For a knife!!!!
Still like him and his programmes though.
In defense of Fat boy Mears, all his stuff does work, and he is very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject.

He is being moved away from the straight survival and more into general history / nature programming by the Beeb as they need some replacement presenters for that kind of show.

He is on a good wicket, but its hard graft.
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