Ray Lewis deputy mayor

Watching Sky news at the minute, boris is on with his deputy maypr Ray lewis

They are getting a right grilling. Appears that Ray has had multiple accusations thrown at him

Not clear what they are but seems serious

Can anyone shed any light :?:


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Well, he's apparently nicked his ideas for black young people and reforming them from an idea that began in Louisiana about 3 years ago. He gets them to 'march' and salute the blerk running the 'parade' and instils strong morals and rules when they are in the 'thing'

He's got a strong evangelical background, as well as being an ex prison guvnor, so some might be a little upset at the idea that he might be foisting christianity on his young black drop-outs, as well as some kind of militaristic ideology.

Personally, the strict rules with 'marching' and the like, I'm ambivalent about - he's got NO military background, so he won't know what the actual military process is, or how it could improve the attitude of the youngsters - WE all know what it does in the right environment, and when it's run by forces staff, but I'm sure that ain't the case when run by an evangelical ex-prison bloke. Mind you, Boris seems to like him; but the jury I think is out on this one.

Excellent article in the Times: The Times
According to the BBC News website, former vicar Ray Lewis was banned from working in the Church of England because of 'financial irregularities'.

The latest allegations concern alleged sexual misconduct - has he converted to RC?
It'll all end in tears. Why has Johnson has saddled himself with someone like this? He comes with a history which will be used by all the usual suspects to stab Johnson with. Bad idea.


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Maybe Boris sees this as an almost a-political role, in which he has to serve all of London, and not just on a party-political basis. Black yoof crime, and ethnic minorities figure large in the life of London so he's got to manage that too.

As for using this bloke to sort out the yooof of London - how good that decision is remains to be seen - it may yet bite him on the arrse.

Edited to add: At least he's not mucked about and is starting an investigation anyway.
It appears that Boris has fecked this one.

If you are going to stand up and defend a position HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION

Should have kept his australian adviser and given this bloke the boot
Major figures in the Labour Party immediately launched an attack on the mayor's administration and the Conservative leader David Cameron.

Ms Blears said: "People across the country will note that after just two months, the new Tory administration in London is in complete disarray.

Kettle pot, pot kettle- People across the country will also note that after just one year in office, the new Labour administration in Britain is in complete disarray.

Utter shite from Blears. Any sane person could tear that statement apart within two seconds. Surely this will win some sort of Private Eye prize as the ironic political statement of the year? Those in glasshouses...

"David Cameron has known Ray Lewis since his first day as Tory leader and Boris Johnson appointed him as deputy mayor days into the job.

"People will ask themselves, how have they allowed themselves to be embroiled in a mess like this?
Remind us how much the Labour Party owes it's creditors again Hazel? Surely having the decisions the Government takes dictated by the Unions who bankroll it is a slightly more worse situation to be embroiled in. Doesn't this just go to show that Johnson's administration is an open and honest one and that those that break the rules get chucked out on their ear? Remind us Hazel of the last time a Labour minister was permanently sacked for breaching public trust? Oh that's right, never...
I am no political expert, but i assume that since this is the first day in a long time the mutants that are Zanu-Liabour are not the headlines for the wrong reason, they will be over this like a rash.

Mong question time; :oops: I know that it is a bit of poor judgment on the part of old Boris, however is the situation as bad as the gubmint ministers are making out, or are they just trying desperatly to switch fire from there own greed, lying, screwing the people, fukin up the country etc etc.


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I thought he got pushed? Anyway, it's not a total disaster for Boris - the yooof guy was only in the job for a couple of days before he got found out and binned. How long was Red Ken in the job?
Why do I suspect the long arm of the Labour Party Dirty Tricks Department behind this?


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PartTimePongo said:
Why do I suspect the long arm of the Labour Party Dirty Tricks Department behind this?
Only inasmuch as they probably knew all about the history of this bloke and sat on it until an opportune moment arose to make a big thing of it. The opportune moment being Boris making him IC.Kids. That, I'm afraid is politics, and you can't blame Zanu for that.

Boris made a boo-boo, but IMHO he's not mucking about in getting it sorted. I'm damned sure he'll be doing some serious vetting from this day forward!

The jury wasn't out long on this one, and it's getting wrapped up. As for Boris-as-Boss - jury now gone back out of the courtroom for more deliberations.
OldTimer said:
At least he did the honourable thing and resigned quickly unlike New Liarbour who hang on to the end
He did nothing of the sort; he was sacked. Johnson has screwed up badly here, and he screwed up badly by letting the previous incumbent go (under pressure from his own party?) for a truly innocuous - and entirely justifiable - comment. I could say that this man Lewis was the sort of greasy opportunist who many of us have seen year in and year out in other parts of the world, and who we are always careful to have put in the close and strict charge of someone with blue eyes, but I'd be accused of racism, so I won't.

The Telegraph also reports that he is 'struggling' to recruit minority 'talent'. If we haven't learned from fools like Blears and their catastrophic New Labour philosophies that talent will present itself and needs no winkling out, we've learned little from the past ten years. If they're there, they'll appear.
PartTimePongo said:
Why do I suspect the long arm of the Labour Party Dirty Tricks Department behind this?
Why, could they make the jackass state clearly in public in front of the press that he was a JP when he wasn't?
And did the 'dirty tricks department' make the other jackass beside him repeat the same words?

The man was a scam artist and chancer. Boris never saw him coming or recognised the danger because he is just a chancer himself.

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