Ray Hanna

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Just been informed Ray Hanna died in his sleep last night.

    Absolutely gutted.

    No one could throw a Spitfire around like him, or take one that low at full chat either. He helped me in the past with advice and not a little guidance when I was involved with warbird hunting many moons ago.


    RIP Ray , you'll be very missed on the scene.
  2. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Absolutely gutted.
    I know Ray quite well and knew his son Mark very well until sad events in 1999.

    A legend of a man and a legendary family.

  3. God of the sky!!! sorry the powers that be are not sending you off in style like Geroge Best... You should of drank beer like a fish I surpose. Anyway you are in the right place now, RIP.
  4. Ralf, you are so right... didnt know Ray but had the pleasure of seeing him fly...I imagine he's doing a few low passes with a some of the other greats at this very moment.
  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Ray last year. An absoloute legend and such a humble chap.

    I can remember at one airshow in one of the mass briefs where there was lots of chit chat as the Airshow co-ord was attempting to brief the 200 or so crews. He asked Ray if his chaps were 'sorted'. The room went quiet as Ray, in a hushed voice said 'yep, we're fine'. Such was the respect Ray had over all present. To me and many others, he was like a film star. He will be greatly missed and my heartfelt sympathies go out to his family at this time.

    Biggin Hill 2004

    (Ralf, no truer words said unfortunatley)
  6. The air show world will not be the same withouth him - never met him, but saw him fly on may occasions - a sad sad loss of a truly excellent pilot.
  7. iam always at the air shows he will be greatly missed as was mark .
    i bet the pair of the are putting their Angle wings through the paces !
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    RIP Ray,May you & Mark buzz heaven.
  9. A sad, sad day.

    One day, in 1995, during a display for my town's Golden Victory celebrations, I remember seeing MH434 appearing out of the mist over the Colne estuary, just above the wavetops.

    For most of the audience on the promenade it was probaby the first time they'd ever had to look down to see a Spitfire!

    The following display was pure genius and, despite a low cloudbase, Ray Hanna showed what could be done with a beautiful and refined old lady; he made her dance like a young girl...

    I hope he's still got his hands on the controls and he's still making her dance...

  10. There's some wonderful tributes to Ray Hanna here from people who knew him at different stages of his career.


    There's also accounts of the funeral by people who were there
    and some very moving photographs.

  11. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    To save anyone trawling through links, here are a few pics of what Ray Hannah could do with a Spitfire and a piece of sky.

  12. I did running races with him when I was a small hangar rat.Gutted
  13. I've just been reading a couple of very moving accounts of Sqd Ldr Hanna's funeral.

    Worth reading.


  14. Ray Hanna's Memorial Service was held last Thursday.

    RAF St Clement Dane's was packed.
    It was a truly wonderful occasion.

    I can't compete with the descriptions on this link.
    Definitely worth reading.

    There are photos - including De Cadenet the commentator in that amazing Spitfire video clip.

    Click for LINK