Ray Alan Dies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by miles_gloriosus, May 24, 2010.

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  1. A lifetime with his hand up a dummy's arrse.

    It's sawdusty in here
  2. Well at least it wasn't his cock up a brazilians arrse like Mandelson! :x
  3. Both stiff as boards now.
  4. There'll be a few "gottles of geer" at the wake I'm told
  5. The vicar giving the commital speech whilst drinking the ubiquitous pint of water should be a crowd pleaser!
  6. I bet the church would empty pretty damned quick if Lord Charles started blubbing.
  7. Silly arse*

    *see what I did there?
  8. RIP. Titch went Quackers!
  9. Along with Ali cat
  10. A man who made a fortune by shoving his hand up a pretend arrse, using a lever to move fake eyes left and right to take the audiences mind off him saying 'Gottle of Geer'. A sad loss to entertaiment. They say it comes in threes though don't they? Lets hope Keith Allen and Bob Carolgees swiftly follow.......a great day for Gritish groadcasting.
  11. Yes but fair play to Ray for fronting up by appearing on television. Some of us post war kids had for entertainment a ventroloquist act on the radio (yup, I did mean radio) of Peter Brough and Archie Andrews :D
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I've already signed up on Sky to watch the UFC Lord Charles vs Emu - called "The Final Fight of Wood versus Weevil"
  13. Ashes to ashes, sawdust to sawdust....

    I have to admit, I really liked him with Lord Charles - very funny.
  14. Now that he'a a free agent so to speak, I wonder if Lord Charles will be put forward for leadership of the Lairbour party?