Raw meat at restuarants.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by BryanTheMegalodon, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Went out for a meal last night with Mrs BTM and decided to push the boat out and go to local Harvester :) I ordered steak, as per, and requested it bluer than blue - in fact, don't cook it, just shout at it a little....Actually, just send it out raw.

    It came out as rare, not what I ordered so we kicked one up. Apprently, for legal reasons, they cannot cook it so blue however I've never had a problem anywhere else and waiters often try to talk me out of steak tartare! Is there a legal background to this or where the restaurant just being overly cautious? They refunded the cost so not whinging - just curious as to legal requirements to cook meat.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    My local bar & resturant has a disclaimer on the menu that say's they are not responsible for any steaks that are ordered over Medium...Had one from there the other month when & an old mate from my time in the RAF visited & we went for a meal & a few beers,medium rare & it was like cutting thru butter it was that tender!Perfect!!
  3. Mrs ACAB always has her steak blue and, over the years, it's been pretty hit and miss even using the same restaurant. We have never experienced some Health and Safety Nazi saying they can't cook it blue for legal reasons though.
  4. This might sound fucked up but i like it pretty much raw which tends to scare off many restaurants.
  5. Thats probably because it has **** all to do with Health and Safety, but more to do with the Food Safety Act. There is nothing stopping a blue steak from being served legislatively, it is down to the restaurants confidence in their own HACCP procedures...

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  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    and in a corporate chain like harvester, they are going to be very wary of any potential 'incidents' arising from serving food like this, whether the consequences are legal trouble or just the bad publicity.
    in fact, wtf are you (the OP) doing going for a steak in a place like that anyway??? it's hardly fine dining. ;)
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  7. Spot on.

    Wetherspoons and yates have the same policy.

    The steak is made safe as long as the entire outside of it has been seared as that is where the pathogens live.

    Anywhere between rare and medium rare is the best. Blue doesnt get the juices in the steak flowing so can be quite rubbery. Anything over medium and you risk being served shoe leather.

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  8. I'd never know when to stop hitting you.

    Don't try and large it and pretend you can afford to buy "blue" steak in a restaurant.

    You're full of shit.
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  9. I'm not sure I'd class Harvester as a restaurant. I suppose it's ok for Chav's
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  10. fixed, gratis
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  11. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Serves you right for being a cheapskate twat and eating a Harvester. I wouldn't feed my ******* dog from a Harvester.

    Try going to a proper restaurant next time. One that has a proper chef, not a grotty east European in funky trousers knocking out packet food and chicken ding.
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  12. Just because the parking spaces aren't wide enough for a Mercedes.........
  13. Is your dog fussy ? A poodle ?
  14. The only "blue" steak I've had was in the poshest restaurant in Stan Lee. K13 knows where it is.

    It also cost over £25*, so I doubt the OP could afford that. Being 22, with a kid and a missus.

    *That was without chips and veg.
  15. I'm not sure I've ever been in one. If I wanted to take a significant other out I'd not choose such a place.