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Thought I would put this out to you outdoors hunting types

Have returned home to discover an injured Raven in the garden. At least I think its a raven could be a really big crow for all I know.

Appears to have got himself involved in a punch up and has damaged his wing it doesn't appear to be broken. Have contacted the local veterinary college and animal shelters who have politely told me to go and do one. Anyway, nails as I am I don't like seeing animals hurt and certainly don't want to kill it as it seems fairly cheerful apart from the knackered wing.

Anyone ever dealt with anything like this? Look I don't mind coughing up at the vets if necessary but I would prefer not to if its just a case of strapping the bugger up and giving him half a tin of chum some water and keeping the lousy cats of his back for a bit.

Have you tried on of the "UK Wildlife" animal shelters? They're more helpful with wild species.

The crow'll probably need an x-ray to see if the wing is broken and, if so, I don't think its something you can treat yourself.
Fair play to you for taking the trouble to help it,
makes a refreshing change from reading about others who just want to shoot everything.
Use it for golf practice and then kick it around the room for a bit. After wards putit in. Vice and crush it. Then when your bored set fire to it.
Ravens can tame really well. They are remarkably clever and learn to get their own way in short order. I've had crows, magpies and jackdaws as "pets" but a Raven would have to be the best of the lot.

Try the Blue Cross people. They tend to take a realistic view on wildlife - Blue Cross Linky

Personally, I think your bird is a Rook LINK

A Raven is a GBFO bird LINKY
Unless you are willing to look after it for years to come, wring its neck. A damaged wing rarely heals well enough to allow a bird to be released back into the wild.

Having said that, all the corvids make rather interesting pets, even the great Odin had himself a couple of ravens to keep tabs on humans. They are intelligent beyond belief and will think through any problem better than chimps which can make them a right royal pain in the arrse as pets too!
Jebote, have you tried contacting the RSPB, I'd have thought this would be right up their street.

Edited to add : Just looked at the RSPB website and while they do offer advice on injured birds they don't treat them.
If you have an injured bird the RSPB recommends contacting the RSPCA, SSPCA (if in Jockland) or the USPCA (in NornIron).
They also recommend an organisation called 'Tiggywinkles' who will take in injured birds.
Jebote, have you tried contacting the RSPB, I'd have thought this would be right up their street.
This. I watched a young Crow learning to fly smack itself into a wall. Unwilling to leave it to the tender mercies of the local cats, I picked it up and 'phoned the RSPB, who turned up quite quickly. Since it was only dazed, they kept an eye on it for a couple of hours until it recovered and was able to fly again.
Cheers for the advice as RCT(V) spotted I am not UK based (top per sec on my part there) so UK animal charities not really doable.
Have handed him over to the vet who has him now, as I realised I dont have a clue what I am doing. 20 quid to have him straightened out, if he is alright I will let him go if not I will keep him as a pet.

Personally, I think your bird is a Rook

He is a Rook, he matches the links description exactly.

Sometimes its just nice to be nice. It will go some way to make up for all times I was a C**t for no reason whatsoever.
Well said !!
Sometimes its just nice to be nice. It will go some way to make up for all times I was a C**t for no reason whatsoever.[/QUOTE]

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