Ravc - dog handler - any help would be great!

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Good Evening all,

I have passed my ADSC this year with a Grade B, only a few marks from an A and was put forward to attend the PSO board at Melton Mowbrey for my Dog Handler selection. I passed this test along with another 15 people.

My quary is how long will it acctually take to get a date for basic trainning? some of the girls i spoke to recently after selection have gone to basic this week, however my career office has told me to expect a wait untill a minimum of april.

Does anyone have any information on how the vet corp employ? or anyone else who is also waiting who has been sucessfull in all there tests?

Thanks very much

Leigh Hodge
Leigh there is lots of info on waiting times before phase 1 and info on dog handling. Have a browse through the forum and try the search function. Have a good read of the female recruiting thread, the where are you in the joining up process thread and the stickies.

Also it is unwise for you to use your real name within this forum (it could link you to facebook or twitter quite easily and your recruiters would see this). Go into account settings and change it to something more anonymous or create a new account.
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