Hi just wondering if there is any serving rauxaf out there?If so could you please give us info as am thinking of joining.Hope am on the right thread.
I was in the RAuxAF some years ago. It was very enjoyable and similar in some ways to the TA (I'd worn green for 3 years).

The downside is that there is less choice than the TA - there are a limited number of units geographically and by role. The RAuxAF concentrates on a few specialisations - RAF Regiment gunners, force protection, medical support and intelligence are some examples - and my unit had personnel who travelled some distance to participate in weekends (which started on Saturday morning, not Friday night).

The discipline was more relaxed than the TA, although I had been with an infantry battalion before making the traitorous jump to light blue, so this may be a generalisation. The social side was similar, although there was less of a divide between the Messes (a good or a bad thing, depending on your perspective) and there was less of an emphasis on physical training, although this may have changed with the emphasis on out-of-area. I suspect that the RAF Regt squadrons were more similar to the TA.

No-one joined my unit as officer candidates; only ex-RAF officers were direct officer entrants as such. Everyone started at the lowest (AC) and worked their way up - there was the opportunity to attempt the commissions board, as with the TA. The training was good, as I recall, and very structured.

It was good fun and they were very welcoming - it influenced me to join up full time. Give it a go!


Hi.yer cheers for that.I to have worn green both regs and ta.Ive been to me local unit and they were very welcoming and informative.Am thinking of going as a gunner.They said that they needed more gunners for there new role sto and force protection.Ive also looked on the net ref there jobs and what they get up to.In away i think it doesnt matter what reserve your in as its going to change anyway ie more coperation with the regs.
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