RauxAF Joining Question

Apologies guys for posting a RAF question on an Army forum but I can’t find the information I’m after anywhere else.

Briefly can anybody give me a an outline of the joining procedure for the RauxAF,
i.e. on the selection weekend they invite you to do they get through the whole joining procees.

I understand that the apitude are tests are taken but can’t find anything about the medical, is it done there and then, do you go back, go to a locally arranged Gp or is it simply a questionair to you doctor.

Any info would be grate

I'm RauxAF myself Mate, and there are a couple of others on here too.

I joined via Army (long story)so I'm not entirely sure what the normal process is, but I think you'll find most of your answers here:-

RAF Reserves
Hi Mate

I've been through the site but can't find the actual info with regards to the medical, only really says that you have one but not when and where.
It all depends on your unit how long it takes to get in.I was roughly 8 months between my first enquiry and starting the 2 week basic.

Once all the forms are filled out I went in for a casual interview, then tripped over to the medical centre and got that done, in one day, about 2 months after I sent the form away.After that I went in odd weekends, did a bit of phys and some more paperwork.About 3 weeks before basic you went in and got your kit issued.

What unit are you looking to join?

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