RAuxAF Beard Question!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scottishcammy, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Quick query,
    Is it acceptable to have a beard in the RAuxAF (gunner), or would you have to be clean shaven.
    I notice a lot of the guys have full beards on ops, just wondering if it is a tolerated exception due to cultural significance in some of the communties there, or if you can have one anyway.

    I seem to recall that the navy was the only service you were allowed to have a beard, but maybe this has changed?

    Prior to the 'phone your PSI' replies, I will, but it won't be until next week and I'm an impatient bastard! :lol: :D

  2. You've been reading my blog haven't you?


  3. Negative mate, but I'll have a squiz now.
  4. Just read your blog mate, very good! I've been through the same thing myself. I've had a beard on and off for the last year or so. I'm luck in that it only takes maybe 12 days before it looks the part, so managed to grow it on nightshift with a few days off at the end.
    I'm on A/L now and can't be arsed shaving, so thought I'd grow it back. Just wondering if it will be a problem with my chosen reserve job.
    Can't say I've ever seen someone with a beret and a beard, unless he had an accordion!

    By the way, I have two big grey patches either side of my chin, I rather like them as it gives the (false) outward impression I may have a measure of maturity....then I open my mouth...
  5. I've seen the beret and beard look a few times, mostly on reservists who've been recalled for training or exercises. It does look strange though.
  6. I take it your mob don't have a problem with your beard?
  7. Beards are no problem officially, there's still the possibility of CBRN training being more interesting than usual though.

    I must confess that I shaved mine off a few days ago, I thought I'd better come clean as I don't want to be classed as a beard-walt.

    Our local press officer was taking photos for the website, and I thought that the beard gave the wrong impression.......so off it came!

    It may come back soon though......

  8. Just join the assult pioneers full facial, my god I hate my other half! :)
  9. Just join the assult pioneers full facial, my god I hate my other half! :)
  10. See today's Times article at:


    I'd say it's a one-off, and you won't get permission to grow a beard in the UK, unless the MO says you can - e.g. can't shave for whatever reason (have been there myself years ago - skin condition precluded shaving - pissed the RSM off, no end).
  11. one of our recruits turned up last week sporting a little ginger number on his top lip.......shame he got told top shave it off coz it was so funny!

    we'd have probably got done for bullying though!!!!!!

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  12. A bus is a bus because it is a bus, everyone knows that it is a bus so no need to make it look more like a bus if that is possible.

    A tawt is a tawt because HE is a tawt, everyone knows that HE is a tawt so know need for HIM to make HIMself look more like a tawt if that is possible.

    Reason why it had to go.
  13. No beards.

    I shave for training and let it be when at home. I popped onto the base to get some innoculations updated and the Boss was less than impressed.
    I was in civvies, in my own time and not anywhere near the office. I suppose I could have argued the toss, but is it worth it?

    They were in vogue for jollies to sunny climes for a while, but that seems to have been dropped now as I've not seen any recent pics of anything more than a few days stubble in the field.
  14. Infantry Assault Pioneer Colour Sergeants, the guys with the Axe are allowed a full beard, anyone serving in 3Royal Anglian in the 80's will remember C/Sgt L who always sported a beard. Also 16AA and 3 Commando personnel on Herrick wore beards a lot, wether this was a cultural issue or due to water resupply issues I know not!

  15. i used to be a fastidious shaver, but a week-long walking trip - sans razor - changed my mind.

    it hid some of my chins for a start...

    personally i rather liked the Hersuite look as modelled by 16AA, with filthy kit, outragous sun-tans and mounds of dead Taliban in the background it was somewhat intimidating - and i was 4,000 miles away.

    not so sure it looks too good in clean kit and a beret, one could almost mistake them for continentals of some type...