Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gunner_REMF, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. For those that had the pleasure of visiting Rauls can anyone tell me, did the girls really get treated by the Med Centre at APC ?? no reason really!! Did anyone actually sh@g any of them things resembling women at Nanuki because that was a "dose infested place"? Ooooh the memories!!
  2. Yeah the slappers at the Rose Garden were definately checked by the M.O. but it was only once a month. As for the Sportmans bar numerous members of 1 PWO went through them when i was there in 98. All i can say is they must have a fecking death wish,they were only there for six weeks ffs
  3. Ahh, Rauls...

  4. I was there in 98 one of my finest evenings ever was when I realised how much money I had left at the end of the month and treated myself to a Rauls Fivesome (battlegroup was gated so it was just me and the ladies in there) I had a bit of a panic when I woke up the next day and realised I'd gone bearback with one of 'em, but I didnt even catch a cold off her, so the med centre were doing their job. :thumleft:
  5. It's true with Rauls, was there in 88 and spent a few weeks in APC. Loved the place. They had pictures of the girls on a wall in the Med Centre then.

    You picked out the one that dosed you up (if you could remember) and they took her out of circulation until cured.

    The place always smelt the same, a mixture of disinfectant, sick and man glue, very wierd.
  6. Been to both!

    Rose garden in 1984 and Nanyuki in 1987.

    I can confirm that the Rose Garden girlies were regularly checked out by the Pox Doc (I know this as I worked in the Med Centre). The girlies in the Strip however were not. As far as I am aware, there was no routine checking of the bints in Kenya.

    During my time, I saw a regular stream of soldiers with varying degrees of syphilis and other drippy conditions, (mostly our Nepalese friends it has to be said), however, this was pre-HIV, Hurrah!!

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  7. yeh our RAMC medic told us in no uncertain trems not to shag them,first time in town the first one to shag them was said medic.
    any one remember "ken barlow" who was always outside of camp selling his carvings?
  8. I served in Belize on 1417 (Harrier) Flight in 1983 & '84 and had a great tour there.

    Yes, the RAF Doc and the RAMC MO's used to go down once a week and check the girls out at Raul's. The CO of each army unit also got a report from the MO each week on how many of their lads had gone down with a dose, and if the numbers were considered too high they would all be confined to Airport Camp.

    When I was there many of the girls in Raul's Rose Garden had made their way up from Nicaragua and el Salvador due to the conflicts going on there in the 1980's, and believe me there were some absolute stunners working there. Hand on heart though I never did sample their wares despite being very tempted, although there always seemed to be plenty of takers amongst the Army lads.

    The sad news is that Raul's Rose Garden burnt down recently, there's a news report about it on YouTube.

    Black Buck One - Out
  9. RIP to the finest establishment in the western hemisphere.
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  10. And for those of you whose memory goes back a little further, I give you:
  11. I remember the original Big C The Hotel Caugnhaut (Spelling)and was there when it closed down and moved to East of town opening say two months later.
    It and the Queen of Hearts where the two 'legal' knocking shops.

  12. Indeed it was a very sad day the Rose Garden burnt down.

    I saw the best fight of my life in the Rose Garden one evening, a real bar room brawl like you see in the old Wild West films where eventually almost the whole bar got involved.

    Initiated by 2 Para of course, with just about every other Brit joining in against the locals, who at one point started waving machete's about. Talk about red rag to bull, bottles, bar stools and anything else handy was soon flying in their direction. I watched one Para calmly go onto the small stage and start dismantling the drummer's cymbals on his kit, then once he had a several of them in a pile he started throwing them around like a frisby.

    The Rose Garden was also the only time in my life where a woman has whispered in my ear, "You come fuck me good", to which my reply was, "Nah, you're alright love, I'll have another Rum and Coke, thanks."

    Black Buck One - Out
  13. I was there in '00, and the MedCen had stopped checking them by then. If you went 'through the back' with one of the girls, they all double bagged you automatically. Rumour was, every single one of them had HIV. One bloke with us, had one condom fall off and the other one split. All 3 months before his wedding day! Wasn't shitting himself much
    Did any one buy a Rauls T-Shirt 'Best Littlest Whorehouse in Central America'?
  14. Found a news report:

    7 News Belize

    Last line made me think. "in the past two years he's seen a shift in demographics and 70% of his customers are now women."
  15. Yup, now sadly gone. Also had the 'Don't smoke rope, blow goats, etc etc etc from JBs on the highway. As a matter of interest I was in Belize in 2001 when a Brit medic married Raul's daughter. The reception was a splendid affair. The proud father of the bride attended wearing Bermuda shorts and a stained wife-beater vest. I haven't seen class like that outside of Colly.