Rauls Rose Garden has burnt down

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Jul 15, 2011.

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  2. Fucking priceless.At about 25 secs on the you tube, plastered across the wall "where the customer comes first".Made oi chuckle.
  3. Looks like it started in the rutting part of the building. Not that i've ever been in there, ever. "Cheapest whorehouse in South America" right across the back of the bar
  4. Hmmmmm.

    Dunno why, but I have this vague feeling of suspicion.
  5. We should observe Two minutes silence. There was nothing else worth doing in that festering place.
  6. Never having been to Belize, I read the title and thought maybe it was something to do with a family memorial for a deranged northumbrian 'roid muncher cuntwank fuck head.

    Silly me.
  7. Zen


    Oh no. Where are all the sex liars gonna get their stories from now?
  8. Raul's was a bit like Sennlager strip in it's heyday. A rite of passage (any passage if you paid enough) that had to be done. If you wern't there then you really missed out. Still if you were at Airport Camp it really was the nearest safe place to get a drink out of camp, and when the WIGS ship was in it was a sight to behold :)

    Edited to add: It's nice to see they still kept the Wombat shell cases as bollards :)
  9. Sex liars? Have we broken liars down into categories now then?
  10. Zen


    Sex walt is a virgin who wishes he wasn't
    Sex liar is a none virgin who wishes he had fucked a whore.
    Something like that anyway. I think?
    Anyway, stop interrupting me, i've just laid out a rubber doll with its fanny stuffed with a pound of liver ( for authencity ) on the bed and i've got some quality porn playing.
  11. NOOOOOOO....spent some quality time in there in the mid 90's whilst i did 6mths in Airport Camp.
  12. Zen


    Dont worry, your going to a crawl, you can relive the experience.
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  13. A sad day indeed, I think a day of national mourning is called for.

    Never forget one of my mates kicking the girls off the dancefloor and doing his own striptease...