Rattlesnake by Michael Yon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Local mentalities that cling to futile violence... Well said.

  2. Sergey, Why you haven't earned an O2 thief tag at this point is beyond me.

    What exactly is it you are trying to do with this post? It's obviously to incite some sort of emotional response from the forum.

    Many of the soldiers on ARRSE know exactly who Michael Yon is and are very familiar with his work, and many have contributed to his site.

    To take two lines at a time out of context and try and make them appear to have alternative meaning is low, even for you Sergey.

    What about this dispatch about the Brits?
  3. Ghost, I have quoted mr.Yon. You made it many times. So something that is right for you is not right for me. But why? The only my words in the post are 'well said'.

    As for alternative meaning then everybody is free to have his own opinion. It is a freedom of speech.

    I'm not surprised at all. British troops demonstrated high professionalism and humanity. Their carefull attitude toward children and women in conditions of mortal threat is obvious. It is a good example that young soldiers should follow.
  4. Sergey, are you Mr Yon's publicist? because like ghost i can see no reason for the post; its very random.
  5. It's only freedom of speech because this site is based in the UK I'm afraid.

    You are very free to say whatever you wish, but also, anyone else is free to condemn what you have to say. That's the nature of a democracy.

    However, you are practicing:

    Crash Course in KGB/SVR/FSB Disinformation and Active Measures

    "On the other hand -- and this is the other side of the Soviet intelligence, very important: perhaps I would describe it as the heart and soul of the Soviet intelligence -- was subversion. Not intelligence collection, but subversion: active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs. To make America more vulnerable to the anger and distrust of other peoples."

    Sergey, your actions on these forums are right in line with this.

    The "what, who me? act has no one fooled".

  6. Sergey is right maybe we should copy the admirable restraint shown by soviet forces in afghanistan or the new russians in grozny.
  7. Ghost, why do you so nervous? Show me please what is namely wrong in my posts on this thread.
  8. I'm not nervous at all. Quite relaxed drinking my tea as a matter of fact.

    Instead of asking me why I think your post is an attempt at disinformation, perhaps enlighten us as to why you thought to paraphrase Mr Yon and share only the bits like "At night, in Iraq, if a man is digging a hole on or near a road, he can be shot without warning."

    Why did you find this particular article so interesting and that you felt you needed to comment on the one half sentence "local mentalities that cling to futile violence..." and then continue on to edit the story as to seemingly change the context with no explanation as to why you posted it?

    So again, other than you wanted to say "Local mentalities that cling to futile violence... Well said." You went well beyond that and use it as a pretext to
    post what you really wanted to say.

    On a different note. why would it be so absurd that FSB has active operations against the US on one of it's allies unofficial military web forums?

    I don't doubt that there are many flavors of this here on these forums and you are not the only one actively engaged in it.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if you were just the "honeypot" or obvious one to detract attention away from the real ones working on this forum.

    At least that's how I would do it.
  9. internet problems
  10. Tovarich

    far be it from me to say that you are clutching at straws here, but this article is dated may last year.

    IIRC Mr. Yon said that "these guys are so good I've asked their CO if I can stay on".

    Good, eh?
  11. It's good. I'm drinking tea too. Riston, Earl Grey exactly.

    Well, I thought that it is an interesting observation. Indeed normal law-abiding citizens as a rule are sleeping at night in their homes. So likely only terrorists are digging holes on or near a road.

    The article is big enough and it is impossible to quote it in full. I quoted the most remarkable parts. If you wish you would place additional quotes.

    Previously I thought that from your point of view each article written by talented mr.Yon is excellent. And I hope that you agree that the article is not an exception.

    And what did I really want to say?

    Ghost, I'm a private person and haven't any connection to any Russian (or any other) secret or special service.

    You are so suspicious Ghost. Relax. Don't worrt, be happy.
  12. Good.
  13. I think Sergey is on holiday, it's his assistant on duty at the FSB's Arrse desk. Normally his English is rather good, aside from his name, you wouldn't usually be able to tell English isn't his first language from a casual glance. Today, some of his posts look like babelfish translations.

    Other than that, I don't actually see anything particularly untoward with his post, it's just a little 'Russian' is all. And where would we be without cultural quirks?