Rattenbach Report - English Language version?


after the '82 war, the Argentine junta commissioned a senior Army General called Rattenbach to undertake a full report into the war: its objectives, its conception, its implementation etc.. and it was, by all accounts, pretty excoriating. it even suggested that a number of those involved should face a firing squad for their negligence/incompetence/idiocy.

now, this report has be released in pretty much its complete form - the only redacted bits are the manes of Int sourses, and the name of an Islander who co-operated/collaborated with the Argentine occupation. (as an aside, anyone know?...)

unfortunately, i can only find the full report in Spanish (its available from the Presidential website - http://www.presidencia.gov.ar/images/stories/01 - Informe Final.pdf), and a cover in English, but dodgy English...

i'm hugely reluctant to rely on google/babelfish to translate such a nuanced/technical document, so i'm wondering if any Arrsers have come accross a reliable English language version?

I'd be very interested to read it. Can't help with the translation though.

Just pretend it's French with a side-order of Latin, squint a bit and Robert est votre oncle.

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