Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by billypleased, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Can esteemed members of this forum settle an argument please?
    We had some debate the other day on what exactly RATT stands for.

    Suggestions so far;

    RAdio TeleType

    Radio Adaptor TeleType

    Radio Automatic TeleType

    A quick search through current held precis' did not help as the acronym is only used but not explained.

    There are a few beers riding on this so thanks in advance.
  2. Whatever it stands for, as soon as I hear that word, i'm instantly transported to Oscar Group Headquarters 5AB, freezing me knackers off in 1989, praying to the lord jesus that the message will come through complete before the 322 trips out again. Whenever i'm stood right next to the engine of a plane taking off it stirs fond memories of the 250w amp giving it fcuk all.
  3. depneds on the age of the publications and who wrote them. Manufacturer pubs, refer to RT321/353 etc.

    Not sure when UK/VRC came in.

    How about UK/PRC, UK/VSC and UK/TSC ?

    Convoy, you must have had a bad set. My 322 never went down. Although the sound of the 50 Amp PSU and the 250w amp drilled into your head.

    Taking the TURF 250w out turned in to a right treat when the Landys went hard top!
  4. And the memories keep flooding back - RATT - Radio Automated Tele Type
    The ATR was indeed the Adaptor Telegraph Radio.
  5. Convoy with you on failing 322s, would always and try to stay at 25w on the 321 without having to kick in all the 322 bollocks, better ae, a quck freq change and off you went. chocolate_frog I reckon you were the lucky one having a 322 rig that worked instead of causing more darmas!

    Still good old days.
  6. Any Clansman RATT still out there? - I should f#cking hope not!
  7. 31 Sig Regt (V) had VRC322 fits up to about 2005 that I am aware of before they pulled the AMP205/TURF250W fits out. None in Regular service that I am aware of.
    Might have been temperamental but good bits of kit in their days. Anyone else here tried to do Duplex on the 322 Light Kit (Which was a dismounted FFR in a big box that 30 Sigs had as part of a Spearhead Deployment.
  8. Still using it Huey, hence the question, although in a secondary role.

    Agree with all the comments on the frailty of the 322, but I suppose that's to be expected now with the age of the kit.
  9. 322 still in service, there were 4 in the garages the other day.
  10. When is use with the HF E21 (7.5KW) we used the RATT and this was Radio Adaptor Teletype for use over the HF. Seem to remember it changed the murray code digital to tones so I guess a Demod to all intents and purposes? Same stuff used in Ham Radio and was designated RTTY, this used a similar system but much easier to operate (Usually a small PC where is and 0s were changed to audible tones then at teh other end teh tones were changed back to 1s and 0s. Teh days of the Dragon PC, ZX81, Spectrum etc spring to mind....
  11. I always thought that it was

    Radio Adapter Telegraph Terminal
  12. I had many talents.

    Don't forget that in addition to being a Switch God, I was also a Skilly. I also was an expert with the Millbank Bag.

    My talents knew no ends.
  13. RATT could be used to describe a Teleprinter circuit too - across Radio - I used RATT circuits from Belize to UK and we established RATT with the Caribbean Guard Ship (frigate) in my days. Radio Teletype is my understanding of RATT.