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Rats in compost

We DID have rats under the deck. Baited an area and let rip at the little bastards with an air rifle.
I've also baited with poison "Roshield" bought off ebay. Some poison screwed down in place and some loose so they can take it back to the nest.

Not seen a rat for over a week now.


Foster a couple of Jack Russel's or Border Terriers for a few weeks.

These two. The one at the back likes nothing better than shaking rats and rabbits to pieces having half bitten them in two, whereas the one at the front prefers to pin them down and peel them alive. Either way they are utterly merciless and rats, being quite clever, soon get the idea that going elsewhere is a grand plan.



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We are bordered by farm land behind and run 2 compost bins. +1 for a cat he has had 2 this week which is better than is usual trick of bring live birds in and watching them spack out around the kitchen (little ****). Between him and the Patterdale we don't see live ones in the garden


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We to have a sparrow hawk,unfortunately, it eats sparrows, doves and anything that moves crawls and scurries.
We occasionally find sparrow feathers, but per recent twitchers' thread post, if the pigeons are easier for him, it's fine by me.


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In the true spirit of oneupmanship, can I say I'm glad I have a sparrowhawk keeping the vermin down?

one of our cats launched itself at a very surprised sparrow hawk a while back, the bird thought it was safe on the neighbours shed roof

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