Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brmakes, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi all just a quick note i am looking to buy rat packs anybody got any spare you can e-mail me bironmakes@yahoo.co.uk.

    as long as they are in date all are ok

    thanks guys & GALS:)
  2. You want the new Libyan ones. They come with Viagra!
  3. I thought you said "can you email them to me". If that was the case I would have five sachets of screech turning up in my inbox everyday.

    They don't do any at your local surplus store?
  4. Are you an RMP looking for an easy collar or is Ebay broken at your end of the internet?
    ration pack | eBay UK
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  5. Or if you are far to lazy to use google then you could find what you were looking for
    Vestey Foods -24-Hour Ration Packs

    Oh look isnt that amazing the people that make the rat packs for the MOD well f**k me sideways !

    Kind regards
  6. trouble is you get stiffed on the price
  7. i bought 50 from vesty last year nothing like issued ones
  8. all nearly out of date same with ebay
  9. Are you looking at re-selling them? only you asked for in-date ones
    Just wondered like

    Kind regards,
  10. an RMP f*#K OFF
  11. Except they're the exact same rations?
  12. GROUP USAGE dont like poisoning people i like
  13. they might look like it opn the net but when they turn up they are not ?
  14. Crow,
    I,m sure it says on there website that they are the partner for DE&S.
    Oh well maybe BRmakes is a cold war warrior and as such is expecting them to to have babies heads etc in the packs along with bacon grill.

    Ho Hum
  15. What ever you say