Rations wanted

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by mon_colonel, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. If anyone out there has any rations namely Hamburger / Beefburger or Sausage & beans for sale pm me & I'll gladly buy at a reasonable price, tried Ebay but too fcuking dear for me and they come in handy for weekend hill walking
  2. Are you not quicker nipping round to your local field and trek first
  3. Yeah the prices for the equivilant in the camping shops are £5 - 6 a pop, I remember from my days in the mob, after any exercise the skips would be full with all the unused rations , I'd imagine its still the same, so sooner than go to waste why not sell em on
  4. What a crap post! :wink:
  5. So you admit to being a skip jumping monkey!
  6. being a skip jumping pikey you dont find ration packs these days..
    most orp go to sandy places and exercises get ,,central cooking norgy meals delivered to the field..
    maybe you will have to go to tescos after all..
  7. Fcuking right I used to be a skip jumping monkey, straight back from Soltau / Sennelager etc I'd be rooting round the company bins for the baconburger / bacon grill ect good food etc not gonna let it go to waste :D

  8. Central cooking 8O what unit you with, we've just used over a 1000 boxes of that sh*t with CT2 trg OFT3 trg and the cadre, we only get centrally fed on maint days.
    And i couldnt give menu d away for love nor money.
  9. Really pup?

    I've just been on Ex and we had the new menu stuff.

    Quite nice actually.
  10. Bleeps going on exercise in your location............NEVER :wink:
  11. All 5 mins down the motorway from your location while here :roll:

    Great watching the Crabs and boaty boys map reading and stuff :D
  12. Single Wayfayer 'Boil in the bag' meals are £3.50 at Cotswold's - £4.00 for similar with 'Self Heating' Bag. Not that I buy any mind!

    They even do mail order:


    What Outdoor shop are you going to mate?