rations... buy in with spare cash

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by charcoal44, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. do you think we should buy up food etc as there will be a rush on food when the banks collapse... or am i over worried. But flour is very important and tin foods so thats what we're getting, cos some1 said the shelves where gettign empty. :?
  2. Never heard it called that before...is that what they're referring to it as in 'the scene' now Jarrod? :p
  3. SO PANIC BUY EVERY1 lol oh dear the world reli is in a mess
  4. i got 20litres of bottles water in the garage !!
  5. There used to be a bit of a character in my regiment, Combat Kenny. He used to save loads of bottles of water in his lockers, and had a half ton of carrier bags under his bed in a box, for 'just in case'. Perhaps he could see this coming before anyone else did!
    Saying that, he was often seen doing slow motion 'kung fu' type drills with his shirt off in front of his mirror, so perhaps not...
  6. Draw all your savings out of the banks,then they won't have a job,that'll teach em.