Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Where are you the threads are not the same without you, does anybody out there know where the Oxygen Thief went?? Has he got a different handle now??
  2. I must admit I miss his silver tongue and rapier wit.
  3. Are you cruising for the veiny treat again? :wink:
  4. What have i ever done to you htb, i am going to go home and cry in to my pillow, no rude jokes about the blue veined havana slipping in.
  5. Prehaps he is sewing on his new "lozengers" on his 95's needforspeed??
  6. WOIII are you mugging me off, in which case see you at the gym monday morning 0730 ha f**king ha

    did you enjoy your holiday watching life sex shows in Canada
  7. Jim, never heard of him mate...
  8. Still waiting RPC apparently he just needs an internet connection how is he coping without his dose of porn
  9. Need i say more?
  10. Still no sign of him do we think that he is using another name?
  11. You want him don't you. You want to look over your shoulder at him like a doe eyed deer whilst he does you dry.

    Accept your needs are those of a Hermer NFS. I bet you get a chubb on watching old Prison movies, imagining yourself being manhandled by Bubba who is in with the screws.
  12. There is only room for one and i think that you have guessed it is you HTB. I only have eyes for you (and your ma that goes without saying).