ration packs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jackdemac, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. does anyone know how long army ration packs will keep for?
  2. Fcuking years.
  3. Too bloody long..
  4. At least 10 yrs, well we were issued with some about a year ago on excercise that were stamped with 1995 as the year of manufacturing!
  5. About three days and then you have to sh!t it all out ...

    ... less the box and the tin opener :?

  6. Unless you eat the Biscuits Brown - then its a week 8O
  7. I got some stamped 2004 so they should be ok right?
  8. It seemed to work the other way on me, I used to sh!t for Wales after a day or so on it.
  9. Well in that case you got brand spanking new ones!

    ps. you might even get hot source if your lucky!
  10. Anything up to 15 years IIRC. Blasted with radiation so should theoretically last for ever.
  11. is that all? I held it in for nearly 2 weeks just before last xmas!

    Now that's an achievement! (although the after-effects once I did have a dump could have been classed as an environmental health hazard!)
  12. Trouble is, your bowels seem to know when you're getting within reach of porcelain, and the urge to dump increases as you get closer to the pan. Running just increases the urge, while walking slowly towards the trap doesn't fool the alien-like creature within. Sometimes it feels like it'll beat you. Sometimes, it does.