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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fahya, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. I know this is stupid but i have been asked to teach ration packs to fresh underlings.
    The guys in charge of us didnt bother aa we have never used them
    please could you tell me how to use boil bags and hexy cooker with the mess tins.
    dont bother slagging me off for not knowing this
  2. Keep the bag sealed; don't try to open it, and don't add too much hexy, or it'll burn too high and scorch your gormet meal.
    The pate is eaten with biscuits brown as lunch; the drinks can be made up as required. The stormproof matches are for hexy lighting only; rub 'em back and forth on the brown strip until they light.
    If you can, sign a few out and have a play until you get the hang of it before the lesson.
    Beware of the curry powder; it's seriously hot
  3. i have two mess tins one smaller than the other
    and how many hexy blocks do i use
  4. Well let me think!

    Army 24 Hour Ration Packs

    Each pack contains:

    1 each - Ready to Eat 'Boil in the bag' Breakfast; Main Meal and Dessert
    1 Tin of pate
    1 Packet of plain and fruit biscuits
    1 Oatmeal block
    1 Packet of fruit sweets
    2 Yorkie chocolate bars
    1 Sachet of orange drink powder
    1 Vegetable stock drink
    1 Sachet of instant soup
    1 Sachet of drinking chocolate
    2 Sachets of coffee powder
    2 Sachets of creamer
    4 Sachets of instant white tea
    6 Sachets of sugar
    1 Pack of water purification tablets
    1 Pack of tissues
    1 Pack of matches
    1 Packet of chewing gum
    1 Set of user instructions
  5. To be fair, cooking in the field is an art and it's only by experience that you learn how to make a palatable meal quickly and easily.

    Some tips, then...

    Dig a hole about an inch wider and longer than your mess tin and about 4" deep. The hole should be orientated so that the mess tin handle is upwind and the handle side of the hole should be levelled. This allows a draught in, encouraging good burning of the hexi blocks, preventing the handle from getting too hot and keeping the heat under the mess tin.

    Use just the right amount of water - too much and it will bubble over and extinguish your hexi blocks. Too little and the mess tins will boil dry, requiring you to add cold water which, in turn, will cool your food.

    A bit of soap on the bottom of the mess tin will reduce the residue build up, affording easier cleaning.

    Cook in the small mess tin with the larger mess tin placed on top. Use the larger mess tin the right way up, otherwise you'll have a hell of a job separating the mess tins and will burn your hands. At breakfast time, put some water in the large mess tin - it will end up at the right temperature for shaving.

    At breakfast time, squeeze about an inch of the margarine from the tube into the small mess tin before adding your sliced bacon burgers. This will help prevent it sticking. Frying them also makes the outside nice and crispy and ensures that they are fully cooked through.

    You don't need to put margarine on the Biscuits AB. A squeeze of the jam from the tube is adequate - the lack of margarine also stops the jam from slipping off.

    The tea bag is large enough to make tea for half the section, so you don't need to brew up individually. Just make sure that you get the tea bag first after you've brewed up as it's the best mess tin cleaner known to man.

    Remember that the small mess tin filled to the bottom of the centre rivet holds one pint of water. Useful if you have Knorr packet soups in addition to the contents of the rat pack.
  6. napier

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    Edited to delete pointless slagging.

    Sensible posts only please. Fahya, grow a sense of humour or don't post on an Army site. The rest, please don't turn the QMs into the NAAFI.
  7. You obviously have done this before but dare I ask when the last time was?

    Fahya, what Putties said but don't go rooting round the rat pack for the bits in bold. If you're 'lucky' they won't be there and haven't been since Hanibal was mucking around with elephants or something in the distant past. When an ND went 'Twang' not 'Bang'.

    Sorry Putties... :D
  8. Blimey, we've got some right field Jamie Olivers in here. I've only ever seen Margerine in 10 Man Rat Packs though.
  9. Pam 2 (?) has the whole lesson, get hold of that and you're laughing!
  10. Heres a menu sheet c2002[So contents may have changed]

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  11. Puttees things have moved on since we was lads, sorry to say no tubes any more, even the condensed milk has gone West.
  12. sure fire way of getting hexi alight bit of flannelette doused in oil works every time
  13. Top tip for cleaning the bottom of mess tins if in a woodblock - (which will usually be pine tree woods - insert name of such type of wood *here* as I've forgotten), take the tin and rub the bottom on the ground and all the brown burnt hexi gash comes off like magic. Otherwise you end up brushing it with scotchbrite all morning!
  14. A good tip is not to place the large mess tin upside down over the small one and boil water for tea, unless you like a hexy flavoured brew
  15. carefull puttees you sound like an expert when we all know you mortar types never cooked anything you turned up at coy location just in time for the no1 burners to go on!!