Ration packs shelf life

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, May 5, 2004.

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  1. as the titles say. im just wondering how long does a ration pack last after a packing date.
    on the tin of paste and sugars, food packs etc.
    just need to clarify that.
    thanks much appreciated
  2. dunno, but if youre out and about, you eat it anyway.
    not much help to you really but its true :D
  3. I wouldn't feed the current ration pack to Piers Morgan. As much as I would like to make the smarmy smirking tosser suffer I just couldn't go that far.
  4. Most people wouldn't feed him it - they would shove it up his arrse.
  5. true , its just that i got some whiteners and soup powder and sugers and a tin of pate with year 01 on it onlyone item with 02 on it none on the actual grub itself ,
    just wondering how long it is kept.
    i know the yanks ahve a packing date and an inspection date on their MREs.
    do we have the same system ?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    "Drink Whitener" ????

    Let's face it.

    It's chalk......

    Ergo no 'eat by' date
  7. haha, in Sierra Leone our cheese spread was out of date by 4 years!! Locals loved it though :twisted:
  8. i wondered why they looked ill! :lol:
  9. just been reading "Soldier" magazine , seems there is going to be another review of the Ration Pack.
    look forward to that then.
    btw i have also tried MREs they are very good especially the well thought out heater bags.
  10. No Soldier are just pressing the party line on how good the current replacement for proper food are.

    If you like cheap tomato sauce flavoured with sugar, creamy sugary sauce that had a passing acquaintence with a once used curry spoon, chilli sauce that tastes strangely of something Capt Blackadders soldier servant might squeeze out of a dead cat and mechanichally recovered meat you will love the new ten man pack.

    I have complained long and loud to several senior catering types, all to no avail as they agree with me.

    The men responsible for the new ten man packs should be stuck next to Piers Morgan and made to eat the crap for the next three months. In their favour having the choice of eating it or nothing else on Telic did help me lose 15% of my body weight ( though as someone who doesn't care for chocolate I was stuffing it down my face something rotten to make up for not eating the crap in the packs).
  11. Shelf life, what shelf life? Last rat pack I got was dated 01 (hopefully it was from this century) and that was last month.

    Drink whitener isn't chalk, its dandraff...

    Just out of curiousity, has any one tried the 'chocolate sponge pudding', mind my ignorance but doesn't it resemble a thick piece of cardboard soaked in a custard like substance that Baldrick might have catered?

    And whats this hearsay about a new asian cuisine being intruduced?

    Fruit biscuits are the way forward...
  12. Compo ....Those were the days, iv'e still got couple of tins of bangers n beans,and babys heads (steak n kiddly pud to the younger readers!)in my garage circa 1991 just waiting for the mother in law to drop round for tea :twisted:
  13. The bacon grill in the old and bold rat packs was good!

    However, the current rations are not just a dodgy supply of apparent calories... The "Cheese Removed" sticky tape plastered all over the boxes was good entertainment, Certainly down the town after a cheeky time in the field!
  14. continuing on the same subject , an idea occured to me

    I've have got a pack of MREs here and there is a cool feature which is a heater bag for heating the food up , no need for a hexi.
    as i said before i have read in "soldier magazine" that there will be a ration pack review.
    so why not include a heater bag for food bags and a mug shaped bag for hot drinks. if possible include many cell packs and use the bags over and over just change the packs and add water.
    its also better for in the field where its important to conceal lights and when its cold you could put it in your sleeping bag to keep warm when you have finished cooking.

    good idea or not ?
  15. Hmmm... rat-pack hot chocolate? Definitely one of the seduction props of men in green....