Ration Pack Olympics

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cuddles, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Some years ago, while in the middle of a particularly long and boring run of night stags in the div Ops Room at BL I decided to conduct a taste-off between the various nation's in IFOR's ratpacks.

    MREs were yummy but feeble in terms of content. The Dutch were both huge and tasty and scooped the gold. The French (bronze but close) had recently removed the mini-brandy or wine bottlesw from their's but they were quite gourmet and included a very nice little hexy style cooker. Ours (silver)were of course both filling and yummy(!); in the way food that does not originate in one's prep school kitchens will always be relatively superb...

    Bottom of the pile was the Czech ration - two tins of dog-food grade luncheon meat; one dark grey, one light grey and both far from appetising. No wonder the Czech Mech were so shit hot, they had probably been priomised they could eat anyone they busted!

    Any other views? Favourite items from foreign ratpacks? Yes, I know this is pretty boring but my wife has gone off on tour to Spain with her coven, I've knocked one out and exhausted Sky box Office, so this is all that is left to me...have pity!
  2. A copuple of bods I know are quite keen on the cheese spread with jalapeno's in the Spams MRE's
  3. Theres loads of bits and bobs in MRE's that are quite nice. There also good for making bigger meals out of. Like using 2 bits of the rye bread, a beef steak and some jalapeano cheese to make a chilli cheese burger, its about 3000 calories but quite tasty. But believe me, after a month of eating pretty much nothing else - your soon sick of it and at least a stone heavier.

    They could do some good and take the cheese with jalapeno's and the thai chicken and put them in our rat packs.

    I had some tinned sausage from a polish rat pack, it was lovely. Like salami but stacked with peppers.

  4. Our rations are good, but when you get given the same menu for two months as the BQMS has no imagination/there were no other types of menu in theatre, then you go off them. Perhaps they should put ten different menus in the boxes for swaps-ses?? Or is that too much of a logistical nightmare?? :roll:

    Anyway, have tried those new rations which are dehydrated and use up all the water you carry in your veh. Pasta carbonara is v nice (when properly hydrated) - only problem is that you need a long spoon to get it all out. If you try to tear it, then you end up with a mess in your lap - Is that your problem Cuddles??
  5. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What about the crunchy Balti....
  6. Skittles and peanut butter and jam in MREs, that's what made them worthwhile.
    But nothing to make a brew with, uncivilised buggers.
  7. There is, theres a lipton tea bag and a particularly foul sachet of coffee, plus some whitener. Neither of them are any good, but its an effort.

  8. http://www.mod.uk/dlo/news/pressnotices/ration_pack.htm

    You may find it interesting to have a look at the above link.

    Defence Catering Group (Def Cat) are in charge for redeveloping all the ration packs. Before them, we were stuck with the same ration packs for years. Now the ration packs are being constantly redeveloped, just like the new 10 man packs. When they first hit our units it had that rubbish excuse for powdered egg; from some strange country. Now that has been removed and replaced with powdered egg from the UK, that does actually taste like egg.

    The new 24 hour ration packs being tested, comes in a fabric belt that you can simply clip around your waist or webbing. So no more huge bulky box. It also contains the little bit's and bobs like the American MRE's mini Tabasco and a handy little spice key ring that holds salt, pepper, chili and three other spices in it. A whole variety of things are contained in the new packs.

    If you contact the Def Cat Team, they will send out the trial packs for you to test.
  9. Heating water is an issue though! If all you have is American MREs and their kit, then no messtins or cookers. Someone told me there was a way of using their heaters, but it sounded woeful.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Your wish is their command:


  11. For me nothing ever came close to babies heads, compo sausages, apple pud, cheese possesed and bacon burgers.
  12. “Instead of sending out large boxes containing identical ration packs and relying on the hard pressed teams in theatre to sort them into different types, we are going to do this for them back in the UK.

    “The new variety boxes will contain up to six different menus, which means that soldiers can expect to eat something different for every meal and swap meals among themselves if they receive anything they are not keen on."

    B^gger me! It never fails to amaze me when every so often someone higher up the CoC either listens to those crying out at the bottom, or comes up with a sensible idea of their own accord. What we need is a high powered association of Warrant Officers with a hotline to CGS's briefing team. How much would change then?
  13. Yeah CG though the downside was mutton jock and greengage jam!

    The Australians used to produce some pretty decent 24hr ratpacks decades ago, contained things like kippers and hot dogs, quick boil rice and packets of curry powder, tubes of condensed milk were popular too.
  14. Variety has not been a problem in the UK rats..some things have been very varied indeed..

    The problem is when you send a stupid fcuk-witted Bombardier, the sort who could get trapped in the one way system in Detmold for 48 hours - I kid you not - and send him to the Q for 14 days rations. Fourteen days of Menu A (Chicken Curry) would drive anyone insane....fat ginger knobber. He finished the exercise as a lance-bombardier and wearing the Cuddles quality mark on his fat face for being unnecessarily aggressive and cheeky to me. Luckily I was only an O/Cdt on that one...and the BSM thanked me personally too!
  15. MRE`s menus number 7 - Salsa Chicken, cheese with Jalapenos and Tabasco sauce eye ointment - fantastic!! :D